ZB Block: Protect Your Website / Blog from Spam Bots and Hack Bots

Today, the numbers of hackers and spammers are unlimited. As well as, the technology development boosts up, the hack bots and spam bots also increase.

It has no doubt that on one side when a good deed empowers, on other side evil forces also comes into motion. Same happens in internet marketing. 

On one side there are monster business industries running on the internet via PHP/MySQL sites, on the other hand, spammers and hackers enlarge the capability of hacking bots and spamming bots. Thus, using these bots, spammers and hackers easily enter into your CMS, to de-function the site performance. 

What is ZB Block?

ZB Block is a PHP-based protection script developed by famous Programmer Zap hod. it protects your blogs, websites, forums and other CMS Platform from the access of spammers and hackers. It acts as anti-hacking and anti-spamming layer and protects ANY .php file on your server. 

How to Install ZB Block?

There are some following easy steps to download and install the ZB Block, to protect your website, blog, the forum from the access/attacks of spammers and hackers. 

Step 01: Click here to download ZB Block

Step 02: When download complete, unzip the file.

Step 03: Upload the contents of the ZB Block folder to the zb block folder on your server.

Step 04: Take “customization” file.

Step 05: Insert content of customization file in the provided gap.

Step 06: Run the setup.php script and follow instructions. 

Remember! When you start the process of installation, the China and Korean spammers are already on the block list, but if you want to unblock those, simply unzip these two options. 


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