WordPress Plugin to Create/ Insert Table

WordPress is considered the leading Content Management System (CMS) in the world. There are numerous reasons for this honor of WordPress, some of which are as following.

    • WordPress is empowering 30% of the web.
    • The number of WordPress.com posts and comments are in millions.
    • Almost 660 millions posts are published in WordPress.com
    • Numbers of comments in WordPress.com are 655 millions.
    • Numbers of WordPress plugins are 45,000.
    • Total number of WordPress plugin downloads is 1,253,649,998.
    • WordPress translations are 56.
    • In Google Search, WordPress search results are 600 millions.
    • WordPress websites can cost between $1500 and $20,000.

Some famous websites, hosted by WordPress are as following.

The New York Times
Wall Street Journal
National Geographic
People Magazine

It is interesting to note that such a huge and monster CMS system, which has thousands of plugin and millions of websites, is only maintained by 450 people.

In this article we’ll learn that how to create easy table WordPress. First of all, let we define WordPress easy table.

What is WordPress Easy Table?

Easy Table WordPress is the paramount WordPress plugins that permits users to create tables in WordPress posts and also assists the user to manage the table.

How to Insert Easy Table in WordPress?

Recently I endeavor to generate table using WordPress Visual Editor, however I failed a table. Even I created many things in HTML using the inbuilt HTML editor. This time, my effort wasn’t fruitful.

So, I understand it appropriate to find a suitable plugin that would assist me to create tables and insert the same inside of WordPress. Recently I published an article on how to create table in WordPress Blog Post using Windows Live Writer.

Once easy table WordPress installed, go to setting and then click on easy settings, as illustrated in following image.

easy table WordPress Plugin

In settings section, you can adjust preferences of easy table as your own choice. You can change the table width, alter the table align or table border, etc.

insert table WordPress

Once you installed and confirm the settings, now all the data you’ve entered in your WordPress post, will be automatically inserted into the table.

Easy Table in WordPress can be used for different purposes. One can use it as product comparison Table WordPress plugin or giving a comparison of hosting services etc. 

If you want to create classical or a dynamic table in WordPress, I will recommend you to use WP Table reloaded Plugin. 

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