What is Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF)?

When search engine optimize the site to rank it in SERPs, there are many metrics which search engine follow. After analyzing the ration of those metrics in a website, it ranks a website in search engine result pages. 

These SEO metrics are Google page rank, Alexa Traffic Rank, Moz Domain Authority, Moz Page Authority, Majestic Trust Flow, Majestic Citation Flow, Majestic Million List, Ahrefs URL Rating, Ahrefs Domain Rating, SEMrush Rank and Serpstat Visibility Rank. These are the metrics which search engine considers when it ranks a website in SERPs. 

Citation Flow and Trust Flow are two metrics which are important for any website to rank it in search engine result pages. These two site metric links were introduced by Majestic SEO.

What is Trust Flow?


Citation Flow

Citation Flow is the number of backlinks your site got without analyzing their quality. When backlinks of your site increase, the citation flow also increases. This process ultimately helps the search engine to increase site’s search ranking.

It is worth to mention here that backlinks are of many types, but in this subject, only two types of backlinks are considered, natural backlinks/quality and unnatural backlinks. Natural backlinks or quality backlinks are those which are using the keywords/phrases of your site and appear on the website that has the same content topic. 

In simple words “the links to your site ‘if they are relevant to the content of your site’ these are quality backlinks. And if these links are irrelevant to the site content, these are unnatural backlinks. 

For example if your site is on the subject of travelling and tour, but backlinks of your site are coming from a “porn sites” or from food blogs, then these are unnatural and irrelevant. This is because there is no matchup between “travelling and pornography”. But if your site gets the link from another travelling site, this is quality backlink. Read it that how you can increase the quality backlinks of your site.

In Citation flow, numbers of backlinks are only measured, quality has not matter. The citation flow score is between 0-100. The citation flow of this site (bloggerstown.com) is 32. Check the CF & TF of your site. 

So Citation flow is “number of backlinks to your site without considering this that either these are quality backlinks or not”. 

Trust Flow

Trust Flow is the number of quality backlinks to your site. In citation flow, there are only numbers of backlinks matter, not quality. But in Trust flow, quantity along with quality both matters. So trust flow is the number of links to your site with analyzing their quality. This is a little difference between Trust flow and Citation flow. 

If citation flow of your site increases, it doesn’t mean that trust flow also increase. No! In citation flow metric, only quantity matter, while in Trust flow metric both quality and quantity matters. However, if Trust flow of your site increases, the citation flow will automatically increases, because in trust flow, both quality and quantity exists. 

Citation flow is always higher then trust flow of any site. The reason is it is very harder to boost up the trust flow. You will succeed to get 300 backlinks for your site, but among those, only 30 or 50 would be quality backlinks. This is the reason that CF is always higher then TF except some major sites like Google.com, search engine land and search engine journal etc. 

I hope this article helped you a lot to understand the concept of CF and TF and remove all the confusion from your mind. If it was supportive for you then share it with your friends on social media so they would also take its benefit. 

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