What is Spam Filter and How Does it Work?


How Does Spam Filter Work?

The messages in your mail box which you receive from unknown, solicited and irrelevant sources, these are spam e-mails. 

The filters which are used to prevent your Gmail, Yahoo mail box from such type of spam e-mails, these filters are called spam filters. 

These spam filters services are provided by Google, Yahoo and other search engines providing e-mail service such as spam filter Gmail, etc. 

Why Spam Filters are Necessary to Use?

Email is the basic source of communication worldwide. It is free from geographical boundaries and time-frame. You can contact any person at any time if you have his mailing address. 

In earlier when E-mail service was introduced, it was only a source of online interaction between two persons or groups. 

With passage of time, the importance of e-mail increased. Usage of e-mail was extended to the business level. A time came when e-mail become the primary source for promotions and marketing of products. Today e-mail is an exceptional and effective marketing and promotional tool to promote your business industry. 

If I say that without e-mail, marketing is not marketing, it would be absolutely right. 

As importance of e-mail increased, there are many problems created in this field. The marketers and different online business groups used black hat SEO software to increase business via e-mail marketing.

They started to collect the e-mail from different sources like customers list, chat room, websites and newsgroups. They used these e-mails for their marketing techniques and this utilize these emails to promote their products, without prior permission of email holder.

Therefore, it has become necessary to use the best spam filters to protect your mailing inbox from spam messages and promotional offers.

There is no service fee charged by any search engine, they provide free spam filters. Apart from search engine spam filters, you’ll find hundreds of other spam filters, however, on the basis of personal experience, I consider Gmail filter one of the best free spam filter.

How Your Email Become hunt of Spammers?

When the importance of email marketing increased, business groups and brands adopted successful email marketing phases, they started to utilize e-mail in bulk of numbers. They do this to increase the conversion rate of their business and websites. After these practices, different spammers jumped in field to provide the bulk of email addresses to those business industries without permission of e-mail owners. 

Actually spammers collect these e-mail addresses from different sources. They collect bulk of e-mails from chat rooms, websites, customer’s lists, newsgroups and viruses which harvest’s the user’s address books. After collection they sell these e-mail addresses where and when any business group or individual need them. 

According to an estimate there are more than 170 billion spam messages are sent every day. 

How Does Spam Filter Work?

Therefore in order to protect their users, all the e-mail service providers like Gmail and Yahoo mail etc, use spam filters. These are used to ensure that such spam messages don’t clutter the user’s inbox. 

When any new message received in inbox of mail, these spam filters then act like a shield. When anyone installs the spam filters then automatically a folder creates with the name of “spam folder”. When user receives a new mail, spam filters analyze the income e-mail and after analyzing, they allow good one to reach in “inbox” and irrelevant or bad one to reach in “spam folder”. 

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