What is Search Engine? How Search Engine Works?

When a user opens an internet browser, he enters query and hit “enter”, that internet browser shows some results which contain the keywords of user’s query. This internet browser is called search engine. 

The number 01 search engine of the world is Google, which is used by most of the internet users. This is due to it is user friendly search engine and provides many helpful tools for advance search. 

How Search Engine Works?

Some other popular search engines are Bing, Yahoo, Excite, SAPO, Yandex, MSN, lxquick, Naver, Gigablast, Baidu, Exalead, AOL search, Sogou, Good search, Goole, Search.com, Soso, Ask.com, Live Search, NATE and Halalgoogling. These are all search engines as like Google. 

When a user enters query in search engine, it responses with some results by showing web pages. These results are generated and arranged by search engine itself. It has a well-developed automatic system called its spiders, which collect the data from site and complete the process of web crawling and indexing.  

Search engine works on the basis of crawling and indexing. The search engine spiders visit the site after every update and collect all the updated information, like new content, backlinks, images, videos and broken links. This is crawling. 

After collecting this information, these spiders place or put all this information in Google index. This is indexing. It is same as like Index of a book. 

Now when a user enters the query in search engine, search engine provides the results to user from that index. These results contain the keywords used by user in search query.

How Search Engine Works?

It is amazing that search engine like Google and Yahoo are the oceans of knowledge which have no edge. Whatever you enter the words in search engine; it must reply you with results. If you entered the wrong spellings, even then it response with correct spellings. Sometimes you want to enter a sentence but couldn’t do this accurately; search engine shows your desire returning results, despite using wrong keywords or spellings. 

The question is “all this information which search engines have is automatically generated by search engines or someone provided this information to those?” 

Search engine is a software or program which identifies the keywords of users, then find in his database and return with all relevant available results. 

Now any software or program can’t do nothing until someone give the command to it. For example open the calculator of your computer and perform following actions. 

2 + 2 = 4 or 3 – 2 = 1 Or 5 × 4 = 20 or 10 ÷ 5 = 2

When you entered 2 + 2, the software or program of calculator didn’t automatically answered, until you pressed “ok, enter or = button. Similarly when you entered 5 × 4, calculator didn’t automatically provide the answer, until you press “=”. 

In the same way search engine works. It is a software or program which gives the information from its database. Its database doesn’t any information from itself. He have all the information whatever search engine spiders collected from the sites or from any information source and then indexed this information in search engine.  

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