What is Moz Domain Authority?

Moz is an online platform which fabricates new software, tools and products that help websites to market and increase its visibility and ranking in search engine. Moz started in 2004 as an SEO consulting company, but it started to develop and grew itself. Today it is the largest and powerful online platform having tools to power your online visibility. 

What is Moz Domain Authority

Moz build the dozens of SEO tools like Keywords research, SEO audit and crawl, Backlink research, rank tracking and SEO toolbar. It also designed many SEO metrics which predicts that how a website ranks well in search engine. 

Domain Authority is one of those Moz SEO metrics which is designed to predict that how well a website ranks in search engine. The Moz domain authority is calculated on the basis of combination measures of other SEO metrics like Moz number of total links, linking root domains, Moz Trust and Moz rank etc. 

According to Moz, they determine authority with a different aspect as Google. Moz includes 40 signals to calculate the domain authority of a site. These signals are included backlinks of your site, internal linking, keywords density (calculated by Moz keywords tool) and quality of content etc. 

The domain authority is measured in from of Domain authority score. This score is measured 1-100 as like Citation Flow and Trust Flow. As score will be more, the domain will be more authoritative and worthy. You can easily understand with following examples. 

1. The domain authority of Searchenginejournal.com is 82/100.
2. The domain authority of Searchengineland.com is 91/100.
3. The domain authority of Google.com is 100/100.
4. The domain Authority of Yahoo.com is 99/100.

Thus you can easily understand this concept that better domain authority will ranks the site higher in search engine and increase its visibility. 

There are dozens of domain authority checkers; using them you can check domain authority of your site. The two major domain authority checker tools are Open Site Explorer and MozBar. These domain authority checker tools are the products of Moz itself. 

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