What is Internet Protocol

There are billions of internet users in the world. Some are using desktop computers, a number of are accessing internet through laptops while several are utilizing tablets and mobile device to access the internet. 

The question is how internet providing authority at local region keep the record about internet users which are in million? 

How Internet Assigned Number Authority kept the record of billions of users worldwide. They have the data of even you and me that we are using internet. Even they know that through which device we access internet. 

Even today, the criminal investigations agencies use computer and other internet devices to reach at the accurate criminals and just conclusions. Technology has been developed so much that investigation agencies uses internet to get the exact information of criminals like which device they were using? 

In the recent article, I touched the topic of IP address slightly by explaining the math of Domain name along with examples

That thing, through which the data of whole world internet users and their devices is arranged, is IP Address. IP stands for Internet Protocol. These public IP addresses range of 32 digits. This is provided by IANA (Internet Assigned Number Authority). 

IP address is used to indicate the location of computer or any other device which is using internet. It may be desktop computer, laptop, tablets or any other device. 

IP address indicates the current location of device as where it has been using now. When you will check out the IP address of your computer, it provides the following two types of information about internet user. 

What Does an IP Address Tell You?

An IP Address of any computer provides the following geographical information about the internet user. This information is collected when internet is connected with device. 
  • Name of Continent like Asia, Europe, Australia, or North America 
  • Name of Country like UK, USA, Germany, France, Brazil etc. 
  • Name of City or Region or State like Maxico, Islamabad, and Paris etc. 
  • Latitude (angular distance of a place south or north of the earth’s equator)
  • Longitude (angular distance of a place east or west of the Greenwich Meridian)
  • Postal Code.
IP address provides all the basic IP information including IP address location. Like IP address, decimal, host name etc. All this information is shared in digital form. When I asked my public IP address, I got following IP information. 
  • IP:       
  • Decimal:         1744766553
  • Host Name:
  • ASN: 59257
  • ISP:              CMPak Limited 
  • Organization: CMPak Limited.
  • Type: Broadband.
  • Assignment: Static IP
How to find IP address of your system, so Check your IP address here, whether you are using Static IP or dynamic IP. You can also check the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and type of internet you are using. 

Types of IP Address

As there are billions of internet users across the globe and this number is increasing day by day. The demand of IP address is also increasing. Therefore Internet Assigned Number Authority started two types of IP address to meet the increasing demand of public at large. 

IPV4 Address:

IPV4 address uses 32 digits binary bit to generate a single exclusive address on the network. IPV4 address is expressed in four numbers which are separated from each other by dots. Each number is the decimal representation of eight digits binary numbers. For example you can see in following example. 
IPV4 address

IPV6 Address:

IPV46 address uses 128 digits binary bits to generate a single exclusive address on the network. IPV6 address is expressed in eight groups of hexadecimal numbers which are separated from each other by dots. For example you can see in following example. 
IPV6 address
 Check the detailed information here of your system, ISP and IP address. 

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