What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is the marketing over the internet to increase the sale of the product and number of sightseers via us of email marketing and websites promotion. 

What is Email Marketing

If we define internet marketing from the current scenario then internet marketing the marketing material to promote brand, selling of its product, offering online services, maintaining the business relations and increasing the number of clients worldwide through different marketing techniques.

Internet marketing has a wide range of advertising and promotions. In early when it was launched, the basic objective was only to aware the people about a product. There was no concept of promotion of brands or offering the online services. 

With passage of time, many new ways of marketing introduced and the time come when search engine like Google and Yahoo himself started to promote the brands. 

Let’s know that when and how internet marketing started and what was its objective? 

It was the decade of 90’s when a U.S based Drug Company started internet marketing. It was the time when a new tradition of marketing introduced in the world with the name of “online marketing”. At that time it was only called “internet marketing”. In those days “World Wide Web (www)” newly transformed the world of physical marketing into e-marketing. 

That Drug Company “Bristol-Myers Squibb” started the internet marketing to promote a drug “Excedrin”. It was first experience of internet marketing. The basic objective of this promotion was to aware the people about the benefits and use of Excedrin. Even the owner of the company provided a sample of the drug to the American Internet users. 

According to the Linda Himelstein of Business Week, this first online campaign to blowout the awareness of drug “Excedrin” was very successful. Although it was a new concept for the whole world and especially for US Citizens where it was launched but its reaction surprised. 

The owner of the Drug Company added 30,000 plus names of the customers from the global community within 48 hours. 

After this success mega business corporations started the online marketing of their products. Today thousands of companies market their brand through dozens of online marketing techniques. Internet marketing now further divided into following marketing categories. We will discuss each of the following categories with details in separate articles. 

  1. E-mail Marketing.
  2. Social Media Marketing.
  3. Referral Marketing.
  4. Content Marketing.
  5. Native Advertising.
  6. CPC and PPC marketing.
  7. Web Analytics.
  8. Contextual Advertising.
  9. Affiliate Marketing.

At end I again repeat the definition of Internet marketing. 

Internet marketing is the marketing or selling of products and online services over the internet.

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