What is Evergreen Content? How to Create Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is that content which never goes out of date, remain always relevant and fresh for readers. It remains applicable and important for a long time. Such articles are called evergreen articles. 

You may be heard about ever green trees. There are some trees which retained their leaves and greenery for years and years. Silver Fir is considered an evergreen tree which retained its leaves up to 5 years. Some other evergreen trees are Jack Pine, Scots Pine, Eastern Hemlock, Blue Spruce, Tsuga Chinens is and Western Red-cedar.

Examples of Evergreen Content?

Examples of Ever Green Content in Blogging

As these evergreen trees remains green for many years, similarly this content remain useful, relevant and applicable and fresh for a long period. For example “how to drive organic traffic for your blog, how to install Alexa widget on blog, the complete guide to build a website and importance of your Twitter profile etc these are green articles which remain sustainable, relevant, valid and need of every new blogger. 

Let’s consider the following examples to clear the concept of evergreen content.

“How to” Blog Articles:

“How to” articles and tutorials is always relevant and useful for bloggers and internet users for a long time. In such articles and tutorials, the writer describes the procedure of installation plug-ins, widgets, creating a website and step by step guide of SEO strategies. 

1. How to promote affiliate products on your blog.
2. How to improve Keywords ranking in Google?
3. How to promote event on social media?
4. How to get brainstorm content ideas for your blog?
5. How to become an active social ninja?

“Top Tip and Listed Content” Post:

The content in which different resources, strategies and techniques are described, is also consider as evergreen content. The following are examples of Top tips content and articles. 

1. The 8 Twitter tools for online blogging community. 
2. 5 best practices for B2B email marketing.
3. 7 reasons why blogger.com is best platform for blogging. 
4. 4 easiest ways to speed up your WordPress website. 
5. 7 Best SEO forums to learn SEO. 

Tutorial Content and Articles:

Articles which guides step by step to build, add, install or remove anything, these articles are tutorial articles. These articles guide the reader about every step that how to do it, that’s tutorial content is also called evergreen content. Following are some examples of tutorial articles. 


  • Step by step guide to apply for Buy Sell Ads.
  • Complete Guide for Feed burner Subscription on blog. 
  • How to Add Facebook Legacy Content. 
  • Step by Step guide to submit sitemap to Google Webmaster. 
  • How to Embed YouTube Video in Blog post and sidebar.

These were the examples of ever green content. This all content is every required by blogger. 

Everyone wants to learn about SEO using different forums, submission of sitemap to Google webmaster is need of every blogger and this is dream of every blogger to improve its blog keywords ranking in search engine. Such type of content never expired and always the need of bloggers and other internet users. This is called ever green content. 

Examples of Non-Ever Green Content

With opposite side of ever green content, there is non-green content. Ever green content is that which remain relevant and useful for a long period, while non-green content is useful and supportive for the time being. It brings more traffic and increase the audience of blog as compared to ever-green content. 

Non-ever green content are ongoing topics at a specific time period. For example articles on “elections of USA”, now this is non-ever green content. Because once election ended, after 3 or 4 months, the election relevant articles will be useless and no one would like to read them, because they are out dated now. But during election days, election relevant topics are hottest topics and bring up to 300% traffic to blogs and websites. 

Data and Statistical Content:

The articles which are published on current data, statistics and numerical figures are best examples of non-ever green content, like: 


  • 20 Keynote Points in SMO Conference of 2013. 
  • Amazing growth in Facebook users in 2010-2014.
  • 08 Twitter tips to bring blog traffic in 2014.
  • The potential viewers of YouTube in 2010.
  • 2012, the best marketing year for Twitter. 

Rumors and Estimations:

The content which is based on rumors, speculations and estimation also is the non-ever green content. Such type of content is time being, unauthenticated and valueless. For example: 


  • Why Nokia 502 isn’t better?
  • The reasons of Lenovo latest model failure.
  • Feature of SAMSUNG in 2014-2015.
  • Was 2009, a best marketing year for Alibaba.com 
  • The feature of blogging in 2015.

Tips for Creating Ever Green Content

It is worth to mention that ever green content is little bit different from non-ever green content. Ever green is timeless and non-ever green is for time being, but both need quality. Non-ever green content brings immense blog traffic but for limited time, while ever green content brings traffic like walking speed of turtle but consistently. Here I’ll tell you about some tips which help you to create the ever green content. 

Write for Beginners, not for Experts

When you write a piece of content to show your expertise and professionalism, you have done a big mistake. Ever green contest is for beginners, whenever a new comer starts blogging, it needs simple, easy to understand and free from technical language blog. New bloggers find such content which they can easily understands the meanings of sentence in just one reading. If you want to make your content ever green, write for beginners, in simple, easy to spell and avoiding technical language. 

Write Short but Useful Articles

It has no doubt that more lengthy articles are favorites of search engine but they lose their visibility very quickly. The reason is user or reader has no enough time to read your extra lengthy content. He likes to read short and point to point articles. After reading two or three articles, user loses his interest. So if you want to create the ever green content, limit your length of article to 700-1300. This is ideal length of an article. 

Choose Ever Green Topics

Select ever green topics to write. Ever green articles are need of users and remain relevant and meaningful for a long time. Following are some best examples of ever green topics. 

  • How to Increase blog organic traffic?
  • How to increase the search ranking of a web page?
  • Tips to increase social presence of your blog. 
  • How to choose a perfect domain for your online business?
  • 25 Interview Questions for SEO Job.

So, I hope you realized the concept of ever green content and how to create it. If any point, which is in your mind, and I’ve missed here, write me in comments. If you want to give any proposal or suggestion to make this blog better, mention in your comments. 

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