What is Auto blogging and how it Works?

Last week, I received a mail from one of my colleague who asked about “Auto blogging, how it works? Where do you get content? Does it establish the backlinks? Is it favorite of Google or it is considered a black hat SEO tactics? Shortly he asked A to Z about auto blogging from me. 

That’s why I understand it appropriate to publish a detailed blog post on this subject, instead giving answer to one person. Thus anyone can read about auto blogging and get useful information from this post.

How Does Auto Blogging Work?


What Auto blogging Is?

Auto blogging is a kind of blogging in which we use software to collect the content from different sites. After collection, that auto blogging software compiles information and publishes the content on blog. 

Like general blogging, it also can be done on self hosted blog or web 2.0 blogs. All the information which automatic blogging software grabs from other site, are based on the keywords you assigned to the software. 

For beginner, Auto blogging can be defined as “a blog owner buys a domain along with hosting package, then install the WordPress or Rank WYZ, and set up auto blogging software. This software grabs the articles from other site and site directories. It grabs articles using keywords which you designed in the software. Furthermore in auto blogging, auto post on blogger via RSS Feeds publishes automatically, according a schedule you settled. 

How to Build an Auto blog?

As like general blogging, Auto blogging can also be done on WordPress and web 2.0. It depends upon the goal which you set of Auto blogging. You want to increase the ranking of your site in SERP’s or just to create the backlinks to your main website. 

If you want to increase the visibility of site in search engine then I recommend you to use WordPress to build your Auto blog. If you want to just increase your backlinks through auto blogging, then I recommend the “Web 2.0”. 

If you want to build the blog with the goals to get the ranking and traffic in and from search engine, you should maximum can do 20-30 articles per day on this blog. If your objective is just to increase the backlinks of main site, then you can continue your posting work frequently i.e.   3-5 posts per day. 

Reason to Use Auto blogs

There are many reasons to use the Auto blogs. The biggest reason is it is software which saves 80% of blogger’s time by creating and compelling the content automatically. The blogger only fixes some keywords for one topic and RSS feeds, after that it automatically configure and compile content from those RSS feeds. It is worth to mention that when you fixed some keywords in auto blogging; the RSS feeds automatically find keywords for website and compare keywords with given list. 

It is essential to mentioned here that any content which is stolen, configured or compiled from other sites, is considered the violation of AdSense. The auto generated software also comes in black hat SEO category. Now let’s know some more reason to use Auto blogging software.

  • People use Auto blogs to get the bulk of traffic to their websites and blogs.
  • Auto blogs are used to increase the blog visibility in search engine as it creates the fake traffic from search engine. 
  • Auto blogs are also used to manipulate the ranking of SERPs. 
  • Ultimately all these black hat SEO tactics give the time being benefit of increasing the blog income more than 50%. 

Honestly speaking, if Auto blogs installed on WordPress then it is used for purpose of cloaking. If it is installed on Web 2.0, then it is purely used to build the backlinks of the website. 

From Where, Auto blogs get the Content?

Auto blogs are build to save the time of bloggers because Auto blog software or plug-in creates content and compile content automatically. It is cleared that why Auto blogs are established but a question raises that from where these Auto blogs get the content? 

Getting the content of Auto blog depends upon the software which you are using. Generally when you are in building process of Auto blogs on WordPress, then you are asked to choose the RSS feeds. When Auto blog builds up, it gets the content from those RSS feeds. When you upload a topic on it, you also need to provide the specific keywords. When Auto blog configure and compile the content from RSS feeds, it would be based on these keywords. 

As it configures the content from other sites, therefore there is a fear of Google penalization on “Plagiarism”. To prevent Auto blog from this risk, you can use software like Content Foundry which edit the content after configuration and make it like unique content.

Which is better? Web 2.0 Blogs or Self Hosted Blog

If you are new in blogging industry or in field of Auto blogging, Web 2.0 is better for you. It is simple and affordable and free from any type of complexity. Similarly if your goal is only just to build the backlinks free to your site or other sites, then also Web 2.0 is better. 

If you want to make your site visible in search engine, obtain organic traffic, increase site ranking in SERPs and want to double your blog income, then self hosted blog is better. 

On one hand, where you will get all these benefits, on the same there you will need to manage yourself hosted blog at your own. 

If you take suggestion from me, my answer is “self hosted blog”, because it is best to use in every situation. You need to increase the backlinks or organic traffic, increase site visibility in search engine or better ranking of site in SERPs, self hosted blog is better.

Final Words:

I hope that you learnt a lot of useful information from this detailed article. If I missed any information which you know, share with us in comments section. Next time we’ll include that information in our article. If you have any question further, you can write us in comments section. 

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