What is a Sponsored Review and How to Start it?

E-Marketing Solution is providing trustworthy and legitimated online sources of earning from the day one to its valuable audience. 

From last few weeks we are continually sharing regarding online survey sites and other online platforms. We are continually describing the procedure that how to make money online for free by sitting at your home. 

Today we are going to learn that how we can make money online by writing a sponsored review for a brand. 

What is Sponsored Review?

Writing sponsored reviews is the profitable and money-making opportunity for active and consistent bloggers. By writing sponsored review / pay per post they can easily add a little addition in their blog income. 

How to Get Started a Review Blog?

Sponsored review is like an article but you write this article on a product of any brand. In return you are paid that brand as per settlement. 

Generally when you write a post on any brand, you can’t get earning but when you write a sponsored review post, you get commission from the brands on writing that review. For example you’ll be get paid to write movie reviews or get paid to write reviews on Amazon etc. 

To write a sponsored review, you need a blog which has the massive traffic and thousands of unique visitors. If you are thinking about to write a sponsored review that make sure that:


  • Your blog has an attractive outlook. If your blog has clattered design with a lot of un-necessary plug-in then remove those plug-in and make an attractive outlook of your blog which leave a pleasant feeling in reader’s mind. 
  • If you have no logo, make a logo of your blog which should be relevant and reflects the internal information of your blog. For example if your blog is about e-books online, then your logo should contain a book type image. Logo is the identity of your blog and it reflects entire view of a website. Logo is a little invitation for eBook readers to land on your blog to get e-books free. If your blog is about different resources from where how to make money online for free, passive income reedit then its logo should contain the image of dollars or any other currency. So make an informative and relevant logo of your blog to get a sponsored review. 
  • Your blog sidebar must contain such necessary plug-in which shows the internal personality of your blog like e-mail subscription box, Facebook page link, Google Plus page link, popular posts and recent posts etc.

So spend next few hours on your blog design to make it attractive and easy to navigate. Such tiny things great matters for your readers. If you ignore these little amendments, you can never get unique readers for your blog. So make your blog attractive and get a sponsored review. 

Before renovating your blog design (if you are on WordPress), never forget to read about “how to make your WordPress blog look good, blogging features and blog style writing examples” from Google. You’ll get innovative and audience-engaging ideas for your blog design.

Create a Media Kit or an Advertisement Page

Do you know about the media kit or an advertisement page? Media kit is a door for bloggers to submit like tenders and get the contract. When you create an advertiser page or media kit (both have the same meaning) on your blog, you get a lot of advertiser to promote their product on this page. This is because media kit is especially for advertisement, not for blog content. 

When you are asked by a brand to write a sponsored post for its product, you place this post on advertiser page. With sponsored you write about the benefits and process of its usage with some high quality images of the product.

So media kit is a way to attract the potential advertiser to contact with you on business level and you write a post for their product and get your commission. So create an advertiser page on your blog, get the contract with top advertiser and earn your commission from every single post and on purchase of this product also. 

Remember here that when you write a sponsored review post, you get earning from two different ways from the same brand. One earning is on writing the review post, while 2nd earning is your referral commission. When any visitor purchase that product using your referral link (by clicking on the link given in your post), you get commission on that sale. 

How to Start the Sponsored Reviews?

When you start to write a review post, first step is to find product on which you are going to write. This is very crucial step because you are at initial stage and selection of product greatly affects your reputation.

If you choose a product which is not a part of our routine life or people have no interest in it, it will downgrade your blog reputation. So before start to write a review post, remember the following points in your mind. 


  • Write the Sponsored Review very honestly. If you describe only benefits of the product in every sponsored post and don’t tell the reader about the de-merits of product, then readers feel that you are just writing for your own benefit of getting the commission or want a product to sell online from home. So author the sponsored review very honestly. 
  • Write sponsored post from both angles pros and cons. 
  • Write the first few sponsored reviews about only those products which are under your use. 
  • Take time to finding a product to sell and choose only trusted products/brands so it doesn’t affect the reputation of your blog.
  • If you receive an offer to write a sponsored post on a product that you never used before then try to use it first otherwise deny the offer. 
  • If you used the product before writing the review post and you understand it is not a good product, reject the offer to write the review post on this product. 
  • Add a disclaimer in your sponsored review post saying “This post is sponsored by [brand name].
  • Create a page on your social media about the advertiser page of your blog. 

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