Web Search Optimization Guarantee of a Successful SEO Strategy

Web Search Optimization Guarantee of a Successful SEO Strategy

Successful SEO Strategy
Web Search Optimization
Web Search Optimization is a complex and complicated process. No one knows that how many factors are involved in ranking a website in a search engine? One, two, three, ten, hundreds or thousands? 

SEO is a process to make your site visible in the search engine. We all make our best efforts and adopt proven SEO strategies to increase site appearance and ranking in search engine. However, all that strategies are never revealed by Google.

There are two stages of optimization of a website. One that we do like on-page, off-page, technical SEO i.e. crawling, indexing etc. 2nd done by search engine bots they visit your site and collect updated information from your web pages and index that information to make it visible in search engine results pages.

Google never, never and never reveals that what are factors which bring improvements or degrade your blog? 

From time to time, changes take place in the Google Search Algorithm. Google tells us that an update in search algorithm is coming in next few days or update happened, but it never revealed that what update/change in algorithm has been happened? 

All the webmasters, SEOs and marketers, they prefer/adopt SEO Strategies, always based on their observations, case studies, and experiments. However, their proven strategies are very close to real factors adopted by Search Algorithm to index your web pages in search engine. 

The above-mentioned situation is the main reasons that search engine optimization is a complex and complicated process. We can’t determine the accurate ranking factors. However, columnist Marcus Miller simplified the optimization Strategies by breaking down it into four following categories. 

Content: Creating unique stuff providing the answers to user queries and trending questions. 

On-Site Optimization: Optimization of site structure and HTML.

Off-Site Optimization: building the quality and high-quality back links to improve DA / PA /CF and TF of your site.

Technical SEO: Process of crawling and indexing of your web stuff, how it is crawled and indexed? 

Let’s discuss each category in depth.



Prime facie, if we analyze the overall internet marketing, it all is dependable on content. You can understand this concept with a simple example. When a user asks a query from a search engine, he always enters some words. In response, search engine shows relevant results. 

Similarly, when you look for a video on YouTube or Daily motion or other video platform, you must enter keywords. In response you get the relevant videos on your screen. 

In short, you are looking for images, videos, articles, links, products, news or from A-Z, you are required to enter the query (in form of keywords) to get your required results. 

The results appear in SERPs, in response of your query, are indexed by search engine bots. Webmasters upload stuff on their websites, from where Google bots collect the updated information and index in google, which ultimately appear in SERP.  

Search engine never index images or videos if there is no description mentioned. Its bots always index only few keywords mentioned in your image and video description. 

For purpose of business, we generally divide content into three categories: –

  • Service Content.
  • Credibility Content.
  • Marketing Content.

Service Content: Service provider delivers the content on demand to the consumer via web services. Generally this type of stuff is more helpful in affiliate marketing, web developing and platform where services are provided.

Credibility Content: It explains the product (about which you are talking), expertise and the reasons with either it is able to be trusted or trustworthiness. Reviews, case studies and testimonials are best examples. 

Marketing Content: It is a form of marketing where content is created, published and distributed for a particular products, targeting to the particular audience. 

Although SEO is the need of the entire business industry but particularly it is widely considered in Services content. When search engine optimization comes to Credibility content, it is usually ignore there by the web developers. Following an example illustrated from Search Engine Land, to explain the virtual role of optimization process in above mentioned categories. 

Four Pillars, Guarantee of a Successful SEO Strategy in 2019

To get solid SEO Strategies to promote your business, always first observe and research what keywords you are required to place in your content. Search Engine index targeted Keywords from your web pages. 

On-Page Search Engine Optimziation Strategy

Optimization of a website / business is necessary to increase its ranking as well as visibility in search engine. SEO strategies must be implemented at the whole website as well to every individual web page. 
On-site Optimization is very important. It cover up your site structure relevant to online web pages and stuff like meta description, page titles, URLs and content optimization. 
If you’ve well structured website user friendly environment, you can get your business / blog in Google on high rank by applying some sensible SEO Strategies online as following. 
Content Optimization: While creating content, use targeted keywords in your article structure. Thus your site will be indexed in less time as compared to if you didn’t use targeted keywords.
Page Title: Use Targeted keywords in page title. It is one of the best Optimization Strategy for all time. 
Descriptive URL: Use descriptive URL, which reflect the keywords used in your post title.
Meta Description: Create Meta description, after analyzing that which keywords, relevant to your blog post, are visible in search engine. 
Keywords Research: This is most useful, valuable and constructive Technique which play key role to rank your site in search engine on first page. Keywords Research is the major SEO Tactic for all time. So take time to choose ranked keywords of your niche. Thus you can understand the mindset of your targeted audience. What they want, what they ask, and in response what you can provide them. 
User Friendly Experience: Make your web pages user friendly. Ensure that your blog has some useful for visitors. The sign of your user friendly blog is users will again and again come to your site and will move from one to another web page. 

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Off-site Optimization means those steps which is not relevant to your site structure but play a vital role to increase your site domain authority and page authority. 
Off-site optimization of website includes link building strategies. Links building is very crucial process; however it provides you a lot of new natural and organic traffic. 
The importance of link building in summarized by late Great Eric Ward, in just one sentence “Connect what should be connected”. 
Link Building works only when you create such content which engage your visitor. Content should be such of high quality and useful that visitor would like to bookmark your site and follow you by email. Here I created a snapshot of Search Engine land, how beautifully they described about link building.
Following is the list of best Off-Site SEO Strategies of 2019, for your site. 
  • Influencer outreach.
  • Create shareable content.
  • Social Media Engagement.
  • Guest Posting.
  • Link Building.
  • Listing in Business directories.
  • Social networking and bookmarking sites.
  • Forum submissions.
  • Blog directory Submission.
  • Article Submission in Article Submission directories.
Using these off-page SEO strategies and of-Page optimization platforms, you will be in position to see your site keywords at first page of Google.

Technical Optimization Strategies

Technical SEO Strategies are the basic optimization strategy which leads your site to be crawl and index in search engine. It is little daunting but technical SEO of website enable your site for search engine crawling and indexing process.
Here are the main fields of technical SEO, never miss to consider them if you want your website be indexed in search engine. 
Speed: If your web page takes time to upload, visitor has not enough time to wait that when your web page will be opened. Slow uploading of web pages increase the bounce rate of your blog. So ensure fast loading of page to keep the bounce rate limited. 
Tech: Use search engine friendly CMS for your blog. 
Hierarchy: This is all about your content structure on your website. 
Crawl: Make your web pages crawl able for search engine. 
Index: Google bots will visit your blog, collect information and will be indexed in search engine algorithm. However you can submit your content in advance to search engine through crawling process. 
Mobile: Mobile is now an official ranking factor in your site ranking. So make your site mobile friendly. 
I hope this post will helpful for your site to improve its ranking in search engine and gain more organic traffic.  

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