Video Marketing

When any individual or a business group promotes itself, its brands or products in form of video content, this is called video marketing.

Video marketing is a way to promote, advertise or market the companies’ brand or product worldwide by publishing a short video on that product. 

All the small and large scale business industries use videos to advertise their products across the globe. They make video and upload on different video sharing sites YouTube and Daily Motion etc.

Video Marketing Strategies / Online Marketing / Video for Business Marketing

As 90% video marketing is used by online business industry, that’s why only relevant video about a product is not enough. 

When a customer decide to purchase a product through online shopping, it read different reviews about that product, comments of people and testimonials of product users. 

That’s why when you upload a video to promote a product, few moments of testimonials of different product users are also necessary to include in video. 

Why Video Marketing is Need of Time for Marketers?

There is no doubt that content has play a key role in promotion and marketing. Video also play an important role to boost up your affiliate marketing and online business. Here I want to lay down some facts and figures, which are enough to ensure the need and importance of video marketing today and in future. 

  • More than 70% of internet traffic in 2017 will be in form of video.
  • 50% marketers worldwide use video marketing for promotion of their business.
  • In 2015 Facebook announced that video viewership is doubled in just seven months i.e. from 4 billion to 8 billion per day. 
  • When marketers use word “video” in emails, it increases the CTR 65% and reduces un-subscription to 26%. 
  • The use of word “video” in email subject line boosts up 19% open rate. 
  • 70% of video viewers watch the ¾ part of every video. 
  • Video on landing page increase the conversion rate up to 80%.
  • After watching the video, 55% uses are mostly like to buy the product. 
  • 87% online marketers use content videos.
  • 80% users say that videos are very helpful to reach on the right decision. 

From these video marketing statistics, you consider that how much video marketing is important for any marketer. 

Another point I forgot to mention that is 

YouTube is the 2nd largest website and 1st largest video platform of the world which has power of billions of users. Almost it has one third part of the total internet users.  

This YouTube is only a video site which is view by its users hundreds of millions of hours on daily basis. This viewership generates billions of views regularly. Hence video marketing is the severe need of marketers worldwide. 

Benefits of Video Marketing

There are countless benefits of video marketing which is impossible to cover them in just one article. However here I’ll mention some major benefits in short words, so you come to know the importance and value of video marketing today. 

Improve SEO Ranking:

The biggest prove of improvement in SEO ranking through videos is “YouTube is the 1st largest video platform and you know that YouTube is under the ownership of Google, which is the largest search engine of the world.”

For bloggers working on, it is another good edge that platforms “” and “” both are products of Google. That’s how it is helpful in improving the SEO of your video marketing and content blog. 

Increase Conversion Rate/Chances to Sell a Product:

As I mentioned above that 80% online purchasers and video viewers say that “video is helpful tool to take the right decision”, this shows that more than 60% of internet users which shops online, they watch video before taking any decision. 

Similarly it is also reported that 55% users are likely to buy the product after watching the product video. All these things not only increase the conversion rate of your video blog and affiliate program but also increase chances of sale more than 50%.  

There are more than 300 video sites, so open your own channel on some major video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily motion, NetFlix, Hulu, Vube, Vine and Ustream etc.  

A Bridge between You and Customer:

When a customer watches a video of your product, he takes the decision to buy product after watch video. This shows that videos are the source to build and increase the trust and confidence of user/customer upon you. This is how video marketing play a role of bridge between you and your prospect. 

It is understood concept that in online purchasing, the customer can’t check or verify the product physically. So there are two ways that he can get some information about product, text and video. And it has no doubt that video is more advance and trustworthy option then text. This is how video marketing play a role of bridge between seller and buyer. 

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