Self Recorded Videos of Personalities now included in Google


Self Recorded Videos of Personalities now included in Google Search Resutls

Are you curious that how many languages Priyanka Chopra can speak?

Are you Curious that Will Ferrel can actually play the drum? 

What happen if Tracee Ellis Ross can sing? 

Now you didn’t required to search a video among billions of videos, giving the answers of your questions. 

Now whenever you’ll ask a question from any celebrity, you’ll get a self-recorded video that personality / celebrity and you’ll get your answer directly from celebrity.

Google New Feature Selfie Video Search Results

Google, from day first, is not leaving a single stone un-turned to become a user friendly search engine. From last one decade, you were getting the answers of your queries in snippet box of Google. 

Google understands the need and way of asking of user, that’s why it always tries to provide accurate solution of user’s queries. And this is one of the major reason it has become Number 01 search engine of the world in little tenure of 8-10 years. 

About this new feature, Google’s The Keywords blog says;

When you search for your favorite personalities, whether they’re rising stars or well-known celebs, their answers will appear in the form of selfie-style videos with a uniquely personal, authentic and delightful touch.

However, this few features is only available for selected number of celebrities and personalities. Furthermore it is only applicable for US and few numbers of European countries. 

Here the list of celebrities / personalities which has saved / recorded video in Google Search results. 

  • Priyanka Chopra
  • Tracee Ellis Ross
  • Kenan Thompson
  • Will Ferrell
  • Allison Williams
  • Dominique Ansel
  • Seth MacFarlane
  • Gina Rodriguez
  • Mark Wahlberg
  • James Franco
  • Jonathan Yeo
In upcoming days, new videos will be added Google Search results.

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