Quick & Actionable SEO Tips That Are HUGE

Quick & Actionable SEO Tips That Are HUGE

In first part of SEO Tactics and Strategies 2019, we were discussed the following three basic SEO strategies. 

• Use of Search Description in Blogger blog.
• Importance and usage of Permalink Structure.
• Use of Keywords in Blog Post Title.

These three SEO tactics were discussed in detail in part I of SEO Tactics and Strategies 2019. 

Effective SEO Techniques 2019, Part-II

In this article we will discuss some more SEO strategies, to increase the visibility of site and rank higher in SERP. 

In this article, the following three SEO tactics will be discuss in detail.

• Modifying the Anchor Text 
• Optimization of Images in Blog Post.
• Writing Engaging Content.

Remember that SEO is a broad based process in which every strategy included which improves the ranking of your site in SERP and its visibility, either it is on-page or off-page SEO techniques. 

In this series, we’ll describe those entire techniques one by one which are useful to obtain the organic traffic from search engine. 

Descriptive Anchor Text

Anchor text is one of the most important and useful SEO tactics to increase the time of user which he spends on a website. 

SEO Strategies and Techniques 2019

Anchor text is also a best SEO strategy to reduce the bounce rate of website. When visitor will spend more time on your site, its bounce rate will automatically decrease. 

Anchor text is a clickable text in hyperlink. This is a clickable link in the content, which redirects the reader to another page of the same site. 

To understand the concept of descriptive anchor text, read the following paragraph. 

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitor’s time when he lands on your site and leave the site without after navigation. Recently I published a detailed guide that how to decrease the bounce rate of your website? Some major ways to decrease bounce rate are “make your blog design SEO friendly, ;link exchanging strategies, loading time of blog, create content that your audience love it and Social media optimization of your blog, etc.”

In above paragraph, you can see that there are four clickable colorful phrases. When you will click on these colorful phrases, you will land on another web page where these topics are discussed in depth. These colorful and clickable links are called anchor text. These are the best source to increase the time of visitor which he spends on your site. You can say anchor text also “an internal linking strategy” also. 

How to Create Anchor Text in Hyperlink

As anchor text is an important SEO strategy, so a wise blogger would never ignore it. 

Creating the anchor text is very easy and process of few steps. Before publishing the article, once review your all anchor texts, either have the same link or inadvertently saved an irrelevant link. If you create anchor text of an irrelevant link, it is violation of AdSense. So be careful. 

Effective SEO Techniques 2019, Part-II

Remember before publishing the article, review all your hyperlinks. There should be no one irrelevant link, which may be downgrade the reputation of your site. 

Optimization of Images

Optimization of image is an important SEO strategy, which helps the blogger to make visible their images in Google images and protect them from doubt of plagiarism. 

The importance of image is very clearly from one sentence and that is:

An image is equal to 1000 words. 

It means whatever we complete a topic in 1000 words, that all can be summarized in an optimized and perfect image. 

Effective SEO Strategies and Techniques 2019

First of all choose the right image for your article. If you can make your own image, then do it. It is the best option. But if you are not a good art master, then there are many sites which provide image, relevant to your subject. Download that image and optimize it. You can use flicker.com and freeimage.com for this purpose. 

Remember! Image should be relevant to the subject of article. Whatever you have been discussed in article, all that should be reflected in that image. Now a day, GIFs (Graphic interchange format) are also very attractive. Use of GIF images can also bring a good SEO results for your website. 

Preparing Images for Use in Article

When you have found the right image for your article, which is not only relevant to article subject but also attractive, then next phase is to optimize the image for SEO. In optimization, following steps are involved. 

Right File Name: SEO of image starts with giving the right name to image. The optimised images always appear in Search engine Google image. So don’t take the optimisation of image lightly. Give the actual name to image and this is the best location to use of keywords. 

For example if your image is about “Le Jules Verne restaurant in Tokyo” then never give the image such file name i.e. TO5629, or Image-I etc. Give the accurate file name to your image like Le-Jules-Restaurant-Tokyo”. When user searches the images in search engine, they use real keywords like “Le Jules Tokyo Restaurant”, instead TO5629. 

Scale for Image SEO: An image has a huge impact on loading time of a website. Generally it has been observed that sometimes article opens but image didn’t appear. The reason is size of image is large and it takes a time to open. Resultant readers leave the site. 

Therefore whenever you upload any image, re scale the image to lighten the size, so that it would be easily show in search engine or web page. It should also didn’t affect the loading time of website. For example if you are using an image of 2500 X 1500 pixels, then re-scale it in 250 X 150 pixels. 

Keep These Points in Mind While Adding Image to Article 

When you prepare an image to add in the article, then before its publishing, review the following points. 

  • Is the image is relevant to the subject of article? 
  • The file name given to the image contains the accurate keywords. 
  • Image size is re-scaled, so that it didn’t adversely affect the loading time of site. 
  • Reduce the file size for speedy loading of web page. 
  • Add the caption to image. 
  • Use alt text and title text in image. 
  • You can add the twitter card and Open Graph for the image. 
  • Is the image has been used in XML site map? If not, use the image in XML sitemap. 

Essential Elements for User Friendly Content

Content is the primary factor in blogging industry. There is no SEO without content marketing.

No doubt that there are dozens of SEO strategies, to improve the site ranking in search engine, but all those strategies only work, when you write such content, which engage your audience on your website. 

SEO Strategies and Techniques 2019

If you write the article with low quality and useless content, then why a reader will stop on your website or blog. That’s why when you produce the content; keep in your mind that you have to create content for loyal readers of your blog. Using some tactics, you can create the content to which your audience will love. 

Use Simple Language


A website is the online diary which can be ready by anyone at anytime. The online business has no geographical boundaries and time frame. Your website can be open by anyone at any time to read the content. It can be read by a doctor, engineer or a graduate, while on other side, it can also be read by a layman. 

A person having the highest degree of education and a person having lowest degree of schooling, both will read your articles. Therefore create content in simple language, point and short so that reader could easily understand in just one reading whatever you want to say. Don’t confuse the reader. Write simple and in clear form. 

Interlinked Content

If the title of your post is “how to earn money online from YouTube, while in 2nd paragraph of your content you describe about getting twitter traffic, in 3rd paragraph you tell about merging Facebook pages and in 4th paragraph you tell about improve Alexa ranking of website” does it make any sense? Does any reader will like it? There is no interlinking of title with article body and even interlinking of entire paragraphs with each other. So write the article, the title and paragraphs should be interlinked with each other. You can take benefit on this subject from “8 Tips to enhance your writing skills.”

Write in Conversational Style

There is a great difference between creating the content of your own purpose and creating content for your loyal readers. If you create content for your own purpose, you can write in any style. But when you write to engage the reader on your site then it demands improvement in article writing proficiency. 

Create the content in such way that every reader will understand that it is especially created for him. Write the content in communication and conversational style so that reader, while reading the content, feels that he is sitting with you and discussing the topic. 

Share Personal Experience

Sharing the personal life experiences and blogging journey, build friendly relations between blogger and reader. It also increases the trust and confidence of customers upon you. 

Therefore always share the personal experience with your loyal readers i.e. what was your job before blogging, how you entered in blogging, what was your first income? How much ups and downs you faced during this journey and how you are enjoying your life? So share all these things with your readers. Here you can read complete story of my blogging journey. 

Content you like, share it with your friends. Remember! 
Relationships are not where you find Happiness, It’s where you “Share” happiness.

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