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PageSpeed Insight is a free Search Engine Optimization tool which to help and check the website’s performance and optimization. The tool might give the wrong impression regarding a site to users who consider/thinks on the outcome without interpretation the textual explanations.

In fact, when you enter your site URL in the box and click on the “Analyze” button, in response you get your site speed results. But it not tells you in how many seconds your site is loading. The tool only tells you the loading speed of your site but not loading time, contrary to Google Test My Site. 

The Performance data existing in the primary piece of the report is removed from Chrome UX Report, an enormous database of unidentified data composed from Chrome users worldwide throughout their navigation time period

A number of users are astonished to observe an “Unavailable” message in their reports, after analyzing their site in PageSpeed Insights. 

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As earlier elucidated, PageSpeed Insights does not carry out a speed test of your website but demonstrates Real User Monitoring data collected by Chrome. Therefore, metrics not being obtainable has a straightforward clarification: the analyzed page has insufficient traffic.

This Search Engine Optimization tool is giving the outcome for a provided webpage. If you want to access the outcome for the entire site, a command can give you access. Simply prefix the URL in the analysis form by “origin:” (for instance: “origin:”).

In Chrome UX Report, the performance measures are fragmented into 3 params: – 

  • Country.
  • Device type.
  • Internet connection 

Remember that Real User Monitoring has to be subjugated extremely vigilantly as various data could be unruffled from traffic sources having not a part of your targeted audience. 

It’s the best sign to contain those data directly existing in PageSpeed Insights. Tranquil, they are only fragmented amid Mobile and Desktop. However, the entire connection categories and states are implicated in the given results.

As data are unruffled by Chrome, contrasting conventional Real User Monitoring services, there is no installation process and is obtainable/accessible for every website. 

Dom Content Loaded and First ContentFul Paint

There are two Key Performance Indicators provided by Google search engine optimization with PageSpeed insights: –

  • Dom Content Loaded. 
  • First Contentful Paint.

The question is that above mentioned two Key Performance Indicators are relevant performance measures? The answer is relying on your objectives/goals.

DCL (Dom Content Loaded)

Google PageSpeed Insights defines The Dom Content Loaded as following:

DOM Content Loaded (DCL) measures when HTML document has been loaded and parsed

DCL is a procedural and methodological KPI that is not relevant to somewhat phenomenon on the page loading for a customer/visitor. Subsequent to this wait, you have the assurance that the synchronous script with a put off attribute – have been implemented. Dom Content Loaded is broadly used to activate asynchronous treatments.

FCP (First Contentful Paint)

The Search Engine Optimization tool Google PageSpeed Insights defines First ContentFul Paint as following:

[..] the time when the browser first rendered any text, image (including background images), non-white canvas or SVG. This excludes any content of iframes but includes text with pending web fonts.

First ContentFul Paint can crop up before the user can see whatever thing on the screen. Like a text is requiring a custom font to be loaded prior to delivering. It possibly will result in an extra difficulty to recognize and use the FCP measure.

Conversely, opposing to the Start Render, FCP won’t be prompted by a backdrop color or a further sort of CSS decoration being shown before a little content.

PageSpeed Insights to test out your pages aligned with performance finest Do’s

Numerous controls are useful to the considered page. PageSpeed Insight will catalog the outcome as optimization suggestions, and you’ll too be acquainted with which best practices the page previously comply with.

Search Engine Optimizaiton Tool

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Coming to end, using PSI you can access to Real User Monitoring data for free for any website. However, First ContentFul Paint and Dom Content Loaded provide insufficient information regarding the UI correlated to web performance. 

However, PSI offers helpful and worthy signs regarding what would be Speed signals for Google search engine optimization, vis-à-vis the Speed Update. 

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