Nadeem Business Blog First Post: Welcome


Welcome to the First Post of my Blog.

I am Muhammad Nadeem from Islamabad, The Capital City of Pakistan, and the 2nd most beautiful city of the World presently. 

I complete my Graduation from the Chartered University of Pakistan. After there I got a Govt. service in Superior Judiciary of Pakistan. However my passion was writing. My excitement and entertainment was in writing. That’s why I started working as an author with some bloggers. 

However, there is a great difference when you possess your own business and when you are working as an employee with someone. I was working like an employee on some blogs that’s why I was bound to write as they want. 

After sometime, I realized that it is far better for me to establish my own business. Writing is my profession and blogging business is the best platform to explore writing skill. 

Today I am going to start my own blog where I’ll share with you whatever I learnt during those seven years of my blogging carrier as a writer. I’ll share my personal experience and knowledge with you on this blog. 

You’ll get the useful and well-informed articles on the following subjects:

  • Make Money Online.
  • Life Hacks.
  • Technology.

Your precious feedback, suggestions and proposals are always welcome. Come with positive mind. You can also send your blog post, which will be published on this blog with your photograph and intro. 

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