Know the Difference Between Keywords and Queries

There is a deep relation between keywords, SEO and blogging. Keywords are the foundation of SEO and SEO is the search engine optimization of the blog using particular keywords. This optimization of the blog ensures the blog appearance in search engine. 

Keywords are the principal and foundation term used by bloggers for Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization of their blogs. Keywords are those words which a blogger uses in it blog post to describe the content in search engine and give an access to the user. 

When any marketer, website owner, blogger or entrepreneur places keywords in blog post and submit site map to the search engine, search engine incorporates this post in crawling and indexing process. Now when any user types queries, search engine will show the blog post in using those keywords. 

In earlier there were 2 or three words used as keywords but now long tail keywords are trending and most important. When internet user open internet browser and type some words in search engine to enquire, these words are queries but in reply keywords which shows by search engine in returning results are the keywords which are used by bloggers in their posts. 

The image is clearly showing the difference of queries and keywords and beginner blogger can easily understand the concept of keywords from this image. 

Difference between Query and keyword

Queries are the words which are typed by the visitor in search engine to find the twitter tactics to increase visitor engagement on blog. In returning results search engine is showing the keywords which are closely relevant to the queries of visitor/searcher. 

These keywords are not automatically showed by search engine but used by blogger in blog post. The keywords which are shown by search engine actually are the part of URL. Here you can clearly see them in the following image.  

There are many SEO keywords tools which assist the marketers to find the most searched out keywords, high CTR keywords. Here is a list given of top 10 SEO keyword tools. 

  • Google Keywords Planner.
  • Google Trends.
  • SEMrush keywords Tool.
  • Word Tracker.
  • Hit Tail keyword. 
  • Long Tail Pro Keywords Tool.
  • Google Webmaster Tool.

Apart from these keywords tools, there are many other fast options like Google search, Google trends and high ranked blog in search engine. 

There are many locations to place the keywords in your blog post. Most important locations are Title of blog post, sub headlines and Meta tags in blogger. 

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