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Job vacancies refer to job vacancies that are vacant on the statistical date and need to be filled immediately, and the organization is actively recruiting to fill the job vacancies. If the job is vacant but not recruiting, it means that the employer must reduce the number of places to reduce costs.
The explanation of the vacancy of the Chinese name position is vacant on the statistical date and needs to be filled immediately. Types of induced resignation, driven resignation, and comprehensive resignation hazards give people the impression that the company is irregular
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Types of
According to different classification standards, there are different types of vacancies for key positions in enterprises. According to the reasons for the vacancies, they can be divided into induced leaving type, driven leaving type and comprehensive leaving type. [1]
1. Induced departure type
External factors lead to brain drain and job vacancies. Most of them are caused by the “reverse” of competitors in the same industry directly or through intermediary agencies to attract outstanding talents with certain management or technical expertise with higher positions and more benefits. Inducing factors usually include: (1) higher positions; (2) higher salaries; (3) better working conditions; (4) shares or options. People who are induced to leave are usually key talents in key positions in the company. It is the “real money” in corporate human resources. These types of talents leaving their posts generally have the following characteristics:
(1) Suddenness. When competitors contact such talents directly or through intermediary agencies, they often communicate privately. Both parties are extremely cautious for their own interests and reputation, and show no sensibility. Once the two parties have reached an agreement. Often this type of talent will have a direct showdown with the boss of the company they work for and leave or even leave without saying goodbye, with great determination. There is almost no room for negotiation, causing the owner of the company to be caught off guard.
(2) Destructive. Because they are key talents in key positions, their bosses are not poorly paid, they are generally trusted, and there is not much defensiveness. Coupled with cost reasons, there is no corresponding talent reserve. Such talents suddenly leave their posts. On the one hand, It will lead to short-term or long-term stagnation of the job; on the other hand, it will bring about the leakage of business secrets, causing the company to suffer losses; in addition, the company’s losses will directly cause the benefits of the competitors, all the same. Will lead to the inversion of the speed of enterprise development. In a disadvantaged situation in the competition.
(3) Connectivity. Such talents generally have a certain degree of influence in the company or department where they work. When they leave, they often take away a few followers or assistants who have been following him, and shake the mentality of key talents in other positions for stability.

Vacancies At Almarai

ALmarai Saudi Arabia  and UAE DUBAI the recruiting Assistant Trade Marketing  the Managers with FMCG Marketing experience.

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    Do I need to apply for a particular vacancy?

    • Yes.

    How many vacancies can I apply for?

    • It is up to each the candidate the to review the  responsibilities, competencies and qualification vs required for a particular vacancy, before making a decision to apply for an advevrtised post.
    • Hasty  to the apply for the vacavncy for which you are clearly not qualified, might reflect on your credibility.

    Abu Dhabi International Airport Jobs vacancies 2021

    Can I submit a generalthe application?

    • No.

     What the should be in the CV?

    • A detailed the history about the our personal, educational and professional back the round the should be included in the CV.
    • the also includes General Information such as the Contact Details, the Address, Education, the Languages etc.

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