How to Remove Comments From WordPress

 There are exceptionally unusual situations when a site owner would want to delete WordPress site comments. 

Perhaps there are many reasons to do this. Sometimes site owner wants to remove because these were published by a robotic process. When he is going to a live site, definitely he’ll delete all the WordPress posts. However, there are so many reasons. 

If there are hundreds of comments, then removing all those one by one will take a lot of time. That’s why a Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin is the best solution. 

Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin

How to Delete All WordPress Comments

Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin is the WP Plugin that allows site owners to remove the replies, posts, tags, pages, attachments, users/admin and Meta fields in bulk. 

Use Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin

Download Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin from the official site of WordPress free. The installation process is very quick and completes within a couple of seconds.

There is only 2 step process to remove all the WordPress replies. However, it depends upon you either to move the erased comments to Trash or remove permanently. Remember! This process is irreversible, so keep a WordPress backup. 

Here step by step guideline is given to erase all the reaction on the WordPress site.

    • Go to WordPress Dashboard panel, given on left side of the page.
    • Click on the “Plugin” and then on “Bulk delete WordPress”.
    • Click on Bulk remove comments.


Delete All WordPress Comments using php My Admin

php My Admin is an open source free administration tool for MariaDB and MySQL, written in PHP. For web hosting services, it is a worldwide accepted MySQL administration tool. 

To delete WordPress comments using the instant tool, the following is a step by step guideline: –

    • Login to c Panel dashboard of your WP hosting account.
    • Click on php My Admin, given under the database area.
    • Locate your WordPress database.
    • Select the wp prefix_comments and wp prefix_comment meta table. 
    • Locate “with selected” menu.
    • In the drop-down, click on”empty” button.
Delete All WordPress Comments using phpMyAdmin

A popup screen will appear showing the permission to delete the comments, click Yes… All the comments removed on permanent bases. 

Delete All Comments Easily Plugin

This is the most recommended and easy method for the beginners. Simply follow the step by step guide given below: –

All Comments Delete Easily Plugin

Here you can remove comments available on your WordPress site or only pending reactions. 


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