how to increase website traffic without seo

how to increase website traffic without seo

Organic traffic is the need of every newbie blogger, website owner, and entrepreneur. 

No doubt that there are different ways to drive traffic towards your website like social networking sites, blog commenting, social bookmarking sites, advertising, guest posting and so on. Although there are dozens of sources and platforms from where you can bring the audience to your site; however most profitable traffic which generates more revenue is organic which comes from search engine

In my recent article “Successful SEO Strategies That Dominate in 2019” I briefly discussed that how you can boost up the visibility of your business in the search engine. Today we will be talking about different SEO techniques gaining traffic from search engine. 

If you have started blogging nowadays, then you need to give attention to create original, unique and evergreen content. If you have a professional writer or can generate optimized content at your own, the next step is to consider the organic traffic. 

Keep in mind that content is king. Without content, you can’t attract the new audience and bring back the visited readers. Therefore, ensure availability of original, unique and evergreen content on your site. 

Promote Content in Google+

Google+ is owned by the largest and powerful searching algorithm search engine “Google”. Google+ although developed after other social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc but it grownup very fast as compared to these social sites. And now it has to power 2.2 billion users which are increasing from day to day. 

As Google is the largest search engine, so using Google+ (owned by Google) we can drive tons of traffic from this search engine. It is the only search engine which has the largest number of searcher/visitors. Therefore, we can easily drive in such huge number of visitor from this which will be difficult to drive from any other source. 

When you share content on Google+ pages, we get two great advantages; first, we get the real human audience, followers and communities; 2nd we get visitors directly from search engine but how? Yes! We get because search engine Google shows the recently updated posts on your blog which makes the blog a professional. 

SEO Tutorials for Beginners

Write Awesome Content

It is the most significant and important element for driving traffic from search engine. There is an algorithm search system developed by every search engine in which your content is checked before indexing it, whether this content is copied or originally created. Every search engine strictly prohibited to plagiarism content and developed strict rules and plagiarism checker tools to stop this illegal activity. 

Now in awesome content; there are many things to be count like weather content is original, providing any new point regarding its niche, giving deep and point to point detail or just fill pages with irrelevant points. So to drive organic audience from the search engine it is necessary to generate overwhelming and high quality containing point to point information in a comprehensive way. 

Unique and helpful content improves organic traffic and searches ranking along with site visibility in SERPs. It would better if you author only 5 articles in a week; in this way, your quality will also not go down and you will feel easy to write one article in one day. More and quick work will affect your quality and thus your ranking will be affected. 

Leading SEO Software for Your Business

Speed Up Your Site

The visitor never likes those sites that take a lot of time to upload; thus user bounces which increase the bounce rate of the site. It depends upon your web developer/ web hosting service but there are some tips and tools to help you in this regard. 

Merge CSS Files

If your site is taking much time to upload, this is due to browser handle so many HTTP requests at the same time. Merge your all CSS files into one CSS file. You can Yahoo Compressor or use WP minify if you are onWordPresss. It would better if you minify HTML code using Yahoo compressor.

Keep “Keepalive” enables

Keepalive is a server which keeps the connection open if a browser has more than one HTTP request. So ensure that Keepalive is activated on your web hosting.

Image Optimization

If your site uploading is very slow, compress your images using an image optimizer. WordPress blogger uses WP Smushit, while I would prefer to use and to compress images. 

Enable Caching

Enabling caching at your site will decrease the loading time by copying of your page so it will load faster when browsing by next visitor. W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, and WP Fastest Cache are some caching plug-ins providing different kinds of catching. 


Using CDN (Content Delivery Network), you can speed up your site. CDN is basically a system distributed on multiple systems worldwide. When a client visits the site, CSS files and Images optimizes form close CDN so it opens faster. CloudFlare and MaxCDN are better for speed up the site. 

How to Protect Your Site from Spammers

Use SEO friendly Image


Images play an important role in ranking growth and driving organic traffic. By following the given point you can drive some high traffic from the search engine with respect to images.

  • Replace image URL with your own picture URL. It is possible using Upload your photo on and you will get image URL.
  • Corp your picture by replacing width and height with your own size
  • Replace image caption with your picture title.

And at last Use “SEO.image” instead of generic name.

Focus on Promoting; instead Publishing

It is deeply observed that newbie bloggers always focus on writing new articles but pay no attention to the promotion of a business/website. This is a blunder done by mostly newbie blogger. When you create more and more content, there are more chances of grammatical errors and also down the quality of content. As I mentioned before that it is enough to write only 5 articles in a week for the new blogger. 

Focus on quality of content and then on promoting your content. There are many sources on which you can promote and share your posts on daily basis. You can promote by:

  • Sharing on Social networking sites
  • Promoting on social bookmarking sites
  • Creating quality backlinks to your blog
  • E-mail Marketing 
  • Interlinking to your old blog posts.
  • Blog commenting

These are some top sharing channels on which you can share your blog posts on daily basis. Even if you only share on social media then there are more than ten top social working sites where you can share your blog posts and get traffic. So focus on promoting the content instead of writing. 


The content you like, share it with your friends. Remember! Relationships are not where you find Happiness, It’s where you “Share” happiness.

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