How to Delete All WordPress Posts In Few Seconds?


There are very rare scenarios when a site owner would want to delete WordPress site posts. 

There may be different reasons to take this action. For example, if a site owner published hundreds of posts just to check the site look, or all posts were plagiarism based and now moving to a live site etc. So there are possibly many reasons for this purpose. 

If there are hundreds of posts, then deleting all those one by one will take a lot of time. That’s why a Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin is the best solution. 

Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin

Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin is the WP Plugin that permits site owners to delete all the posts, comments, tags, pages, attachments, users/admin and Meta fields in bulk. 

How to Use Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin?

Download Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin from the official site of WordPress free. The installation process is very quick and completes within a couple of seconds.

There are different methods, provided in the plugin, to delete the site posts. You can delete posts by following categories: –

    • Category.
    • Tag.
    • Custom taxonomy.
    • Custom post type.
    • Posts by URL.
    • Title.
    • Duplicate title.
    • Draft posts.
    • Pending posts.
    • Private posts.
    • Scheduled posts.
    • Trash.

Furthermore, the plugin allows the user to delete the posts using the following filters: –

    • •    Private posts.
    • •    Public posts.
    • •    Delete permanently.
    • •    Move to trash only.
    • •    Scheduled deletion.
    • •    Post date > 10 days.
    • •    Posts date < 10 days.

You can also delete the posts by the user category. 

How to Delete All Posts on WordPress Site?


There is only 2 step process to delete all the posts. However, it depends upon you either to move the deleted posts to Trash or remove permanently. Remember! This process is irreversible, so keep a WordPress backup. 

Here step by step guideline is given to delete all the Posts on WordPress site.

    • Go to WordPress Dashboard panel, given on left side of the page.
    • Click on the “Plugin” and then on “Bulk delete WordPress”.
    • Click on Bulk Delete Posts.

Now you’ll get on your screen like the following image. Apply your required filters and click on “Bulk Delete” button. 

That’s how you can easily delete all posts on WordPress site. 

Let us know if you know any other method to delete the WP site posts easily. If you’ve still any query, put your question in the comments section.



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