How to Create Anchor Text?

There are numerous search engine optimization techniques and practices which assists the bloggers to boost up their blog appearance and ranking in search engine. 

In Big Market, two SEO techniques are used On-Page and Of-Page SEO techniques. All the rest of techniques are sub-parts of these two SEO techniques.

On-Page SEO is also known as site-wide SEO. Site-wide method is used within the web page. Use of relevant keywords in post title and blog post, use of keywords in search description, modifying the URL structure, fixing the permalink of website and use descriptive anchor text in content of blog posts, are the best example of On-Page SEO techniques.

Of-Pages SEO techniques are those which are used to increase the blog traffic. For example writing the blog posts, blog commenting, mention of blog in blogging directories and local business directories, getting backlinks, yahoo answers, writing e-books, create extensions and asking for links etc.

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is one of the most authentic SEO techniques among the mentioned above techniques. It is on-page SEO technique and it can be easily created by bloggers. 

How to create anchor text?

Anchor text technique is exception method to augment the interlinking and engagement of readers on your blog. It is also a source to reduce the bounce rate of blog. 

Anchor text is a clickable link in your content or at any point of blog post, once a visitor click on it; it will be redirected to another page. 

How to Create Anchor Text?

There is very easy and few steps process to create the anchor text. You can easily create anchor text within the content through following easy steps. 

  • This creates in Microsoft Word where you write the article. 
  • When you are writing the article and point come on which you already published your event blog post, then create the anchor text there. 
  • Select the keyword or phrases. 
  • After select, now click the right button of mouse. 
  • Click on “Hyperlink’ or press “H” in case you have no mouse and using just keyboard. 
  • Now open your previous post which you published on these keywords. 
  • Copy its link from the address bar. 
  • Paste this link in Hyperlink and click “Ok”.
  • The selected text becomes underline and blue. You can keep the same or changed its color from setting.

 This is anchor text. When user will click on it, he will directly land on that post.

In next articles, we’ll learn in detail about types of anchor text, anchor text checkers and how we can optimize anchor text html for better SEO of site. 

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