How to Add Table in WordPress Blog Post using Windows Live Writer

WordPress has been empowered with thousands of plugins to facilitate the users, webmaster and web developers.

WordPress has hosting almost 74 millions websites, with millions of posts and comments. However it is interesting to know that only 450 people are managing the WordPress.

WordPress is hosting few prominent and notable website businesses like New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and National Geographic, etc.

In this article we’ll learn that how to add table in WordPress Blog Post using Windows Live Writer. You can see the following image as an example of using the table in WordPress Blog Posts.

If you want to create classical or a dynamic table in WordPress, I will recommend you to use WP Table reloaded Plugin. With assistance of this plugin, you can create tables like in following images.

how to add table in WordPress Post


How to Create Table in WordPress Blog Post

The adding table in WordPress blog post is very simple and few minute process. Simple follow the following steps to create table.

    • Open Windows Live Writer.
    • Click on “Insert Table”.
    • Adjust your parameters like number of columns, number of rows, width, space between cells and number of table border, etc.


The tables in WordPress blog posts are used for different purposes like comparison of brands i.e. web hosting, etc.
how to make table in WordPress Blog Post

Is there any other method to add table in WordPress blog post? Do you know? Let communicate us in your comments below.


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