How Does Alexa Rank Work And Should You Pay It Any Attention?

From last 15 years, the Alexa was considered one of the best site ranking measuring tool to all over the world. 

Online business industries, entrepreneurs, website owners, bloggers, affiliate marketing programs and online selling and purchasing, Alexa was favorite for all. Everyone used Alexa to determine the traffic and rank  of his site. 

Why everyone couldn’t use it as it provides the statistics of all traffic coming from different sources like search engine, country, other sites and backlinks. This all is free. Anyone can know the rank of any website.  

A Mysterious and Dramatic Change

But in February 2018 and onward, a mysterious and dramatic change was seen in Alexa ranking of 95% of websites. The change was not at small level, even it affected the websites among top 10 of the world like Facebook and twitter. 

Facebook was the 2nd most visited website of the world and it was at serial No. 2, after Google. But after this dramatic change in Alexa ranking, it suffered and reached at serial No. 03. Similarly the twitter was 9th more visited website, but after this mysterious and puzzling change in Alexa, twitter reached at serial No. 10. 

This change has been observed across the globe and more then 90% website and blogs become its huntsman. Even this unexplained and baffling change push down some sites from 5K to 10K and 9K to 21K. 

Official Point of View of Alexa Team

To know the alexa official point of view on this matter, I opened the alexa support page. Luckily there was an explanation already published by alexa team on this subject was available. 

Alexa says: 

it is an impartial measurement service. We use combination of unique visitors and pageviews in order to calculate the ranking of over 20 millions websites. This data is generated automatically and the method remain constant. In April 2018, we increase the data panel again due to which a might change in ranking was observed. These changes in data panel are the natural happening which takes place from time to time to improve the traffi data. 

Alex more says that: 

We make every effort to analyze the unbiased estimates of actual web traffic to all the websites. But there are some biases also exists. These biases are those websites which have relatively low traffic with rough estimate. The websites which ranks at 100,000 or 100,000+, should be regarded as rough estimates.

A Critical Analysis on this Official Point of View

Suppose whatever the Alexa is saying, we accept it for a minute. Alexa says that “ranking drops when a change comes in our data panel and this change is a natural occurrence from time to time to improve the traffic data captured by Alexa.”

First of all, this explanation is totally baseless, unjust, groundless, unfair and showing demerits and incompetency in itself alexa system. It has no doubt that change is always needed from time to time to upgrade the system and award the honest, sincere and hardworking users. 

For example whenever Google webmaster makes a change in its policies, it awards the unique and original content bases websites by increasing their search engine traffic and number of unique visitors.

On other hand, change in Google webmaster also discourage and deject many bloggers which use plagiarism and black hat SEO tactics. Even sometimes it throws the adsense in dustbin having millions of income and even blacklists the domains. 

But one thing is very clear and every blogger would observe this that the change is Google webmaster never hunted the unique and honest websites. It always awarded them.

Now compare this situation with alexa official point of view. If this fast drop in ranking was the result of change in data panel, then why it hunted the truthful and sincere bloggers. Change is always happen to make a genuine person prominent from the crowd of dishonest.

But this alexa change totally hunted the hardworking and sincere bloggers which put their endless efforts to create the unique and exceptional content. 

The 2nd point of alexa was ”we strive to caluclate the unbiased estimates of all website but some biase exists. These biases are those websites which have alex ranking more then 100,000 and have a rough estimate”. 

Suppose we accept this stance for a minute that those websites which have alexa ranking of more the 100K are biased, but dear Alexa! this change in data panel not only affected these biased websites having 100K+ ranking but also affected the top 10 websites.

Facebook was on 2nd number but after this change, it reached at No. 3 and twitter which was at No. 9, now reached at No. 10.

This change badly distressed some sites and they are founded a massive dip like from 4K to 12K, 5K to 10K and from 9K to 21K. What would you say now. These sites are also biased? 

Actaully this change which happened in last four months, exposed the disqualification, ineffeciency and incompetency of alexa auto generated ranking system. 

Some Hilarious Facts Happened During this Alexa Drop Change

The drop in alexa ranking from last few months, not only affected the websites, but also it picturized the incompetent auto generated system of alexa. During this changing tenure, some hilarious facts were also noted. 

Instagram which has no comparison and competiton with the unique visitors and traffic of Facebook, surprisingly this Instagram jumped its alexa ranking with 2 digits growth and reached at 22 from 24. 

Whatsapp which is the product of Facebook, is also a beneficial of this change. Surprisingly Whatsapp is the social app which runs under the management of Facebook and it is purchased by Facebook recently. Whatsapp reached at 86 with development of 22 digits. 

YouTube with increase in alexa ranking got the 2nd position. While before this change, it was at number 03. 

MSN also is the beneficial of this change in alexa auto generated ranking system. It reached at serial No. 13 with promotion of five digits. Before this change, it was at 18. reached at serial No. 38 in ranking while it was at 41 before this alexa auto generated ranking change. 

Even Alexa itself reached at 1737 in ranking with promotion of 21 digits. Before this mysterious change, it was at 1758. 

The Shocking Points Raised from the above Discussion

After discussing and analyzing the drop in alexa ranking of website, official point of view of Alexa team, its critical analysis and rise in global ranking of some sites, some distressing result oriented points raised. 

Although we disucss this case study in view of official statement given by Alexa team, but their statement is showing the demerits and incompetency in itself alexa auto generated ranking system. 

  • Alexa says that we use combination of page views and number of unique visitors to calculate the estimated web traffic and ranking. The question is this that how much Facebook, which was at serial No. 2, has lost its unique visitors that it downgraded from 2 to 3. While on other side, how much Alexa in itself gain the unique visitors that its ranking raised with 21 digits i.e. from 1758 to 1737. Even there is difference of more then 1K between both site ranking. 
  • When top sites affected with this change, some other sites ranking not promoted neither downgraded like Why?
  • If this change was the betterment for alexa users and improve itself traffic data captued by alexa, then why this change wasted all the efforts of bloggers and pushed their sites down in ranking? 


Alexa is No More Reliable and Trustworthy

When the official statement of alexa team exposed all their views wrong, baseless and unjust, it shows that alexa is no more reliable and trustworthy. It means whenever there will be a change in data panel of Alexa, it will always drop the ranking of websites. It means all the efforts and work done by bloggers, is always in risk and danger zone. It can be pushed down at any time. That’s why I have no option except to say that “Alexa dead”.

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