Google: August Core Algorithm Update Still Rolled Out

Google Algorithm update is still rolling out. Update in Algorithm happened on 1st August and today on 3rd August, it is still rolling out.

Google already verified broad core Algorithm update, in a tweet, on 1st August.  As it is widely listening is the research community lie Moz, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, etc. that this update is unlikely to continue to roll out till next week. 

When an SEO Adam Durant asked from Google Search Liaison Sullivan that when the aftershocks of this algorithm update will calm down?  Liaison Sullivan responded, “Say be Middle of next week, should be fully rolled out.”

Here those tweets are illustrated in the image. 


The algorithm update seems to like an advice to Webmasters to bring some technical changes to their websites. Furthermore, it is emphasise on content quality to bring improvement in search results. 

Google is always on a mission to provide quick, better, accurate and desired results to users. That’s why Google emphasise on Webmasters to create content as per expectations of the user. Google says that when you are creating content, keep in mind the search query of the user to provide a happiness to the user. So such algorithm updates are part of that mission and provide metrics to webmasters to bring such changes in their websites.

The most astonishing point is that “Google reveals that an update is coming or happened, but never, never and never revealed that what update happened in Google Algorithm?” This is what actually led to a great loss for some websites while the great benefit for some websites. 

Whatever Webmaster and SEO’s guide us on Algorithm update; it is always based on their observations and experience. They keep different websites under observations. They keep an eye that what updates are coming in Google Algorithm and in a result of that changes/updates, what happened with those sites (either ranking improved or decreased, what factors are involved etc). 

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