Game-Changing SEO Trends That Will Dominate 2019

According to the Hub, 12 billion web searches are conducted in the USA in each month.  The marketers and peers of the business industry realized the importance of SEO, that’s why they aligned the content as per customer’s need and reader’s interest. 

The search engine optimization of the content not only drive organic traffic but also increase visibility, boost up conversion rate, conversation on brand and provide a worldwide access to your business. 

If there would no visibility of content in the search engine on the user query, then what is the purpose of creating so much content, images and videos? If there would be no visibility of images or videos in the search engine and no user query, then why such platforms were created like YouTube and Flicker etc. 

It means SEO is the backbone of your brand, website or business to provide it organic traffic by making it visible in SERPs. 

Considering all the above factors and the role of SEO in the business industry, we worked on SEO trends. From last one week, we are discussing different SEO strategies and tactics that how you can increase your website visibility in search engine. 

Today this is part-IV of this series i.e. SEO strategies and tactics 2019. In the previous three parts, we discussed nine different SEO strategies in detail. To remind them, here I only mention that what strategies we already discussed. 

In Effective SEO Strategies and Techniques, Part-I, we learned about:

  • Use of Search Description in Blogger blog.
  • Importance and usage of Permalink Structure.
  • Use of Keywords in Blog Post Title.

In Effective SEO Strategies and Techniques, Part-II, we learned about:

  • Modifying the Anchor Text.
  • Optimization of Images in Blog Post.
  • Writing the engaging content that Audience Love. 

In Effective SEO Strategies and Techniques, Part-III, we learned about:

  • Optimize your Site for Rich Answers.
  • Improve User Engagement.
  • Using Local SEO Services 

As this is a complete series of SEO strategies, therefore all parts are interlinked with each other. If you’ve missed out on the previous parts of this series, you can read the SEO strategies and Tactics 2019, Part-I, Part-II and Part-III. 

Today we’ll discuss the following two SEO Techniques. 

  • Mobile Optimization Factor.
  • Increasing the Social Presence of Website.

These are two SEO strategies of today article. We’ll discuss these SEO strategies one by one with a complete layout and in depth. 

Mobile Optimization is Crucial

Do you know Google makes the mobile-friendly factor a part of search engine ranking which leads to a better ROI? 

Yes! It has been done in April 2015 when Google, keeping the use of mobile and tablets, announced that mobile-friendly sites will now get better ranking and more visibility in search engine and will get better ROI. 

Mobile Friendly Website

According to the search engine land, there access to the internet through mobile and tablets crossed the number of searches which attempts through desktop computers and laptops. This is a fact. More than 65% of internet users worldwide access the internet through their mobiles and tablets. 

From the last three years, most of the brands converted their websites into mobile-friendly because the number of mobile internet user is surprisingly increased to a large number only in last two years. 

Neil Patel, which comes among the top 30 successful marketers of the world, stats that 43% increase only in one year has been seen of web searches on mobile devices. That’s why Google algorithm announced that mobile-friendly website now will get the better search ranking on mobile devices. 

So this is the time to conceptualize your website mobile friendly to get better visibility in search engine, organic traffic and high ranking in SERPs.  

Here I’d like to give some mobile stats to enlighten that how much mobile optimization of any website is a crucial matter.

  • There are almost 7 billion peoples on earth, out of the 4 billion people use mobile and other devices like tablets.
  • 70% of mobile searches lead to an action within one hour only. 
  • 50% of consumers use their mobile phones to the conversation and purchase the products.
  • In 2011, 81% of smartphone users access the web search through their smartphones. 
  • If a smartphone user surf 100 minutes on the internet, he takes 75 minutes on browsing the web searches.

That’s why more than 75% of marketers globally use the mobile technology to lead and promote their business. 

How to Increase Ranking in SERPs’ through Mobile Optimization?


You see that how much the mobile-friendly website is necessary to increase its organic traffic and ranking in search engine. Even Google declared the mobile optimization is a ranking factor in mobile searches. The following strategies can help us to boost the mobile search of our website. 

Build an App

Rob Lons, from performance SEO Services Rank pay, says: 

ASO (App Store Optimization) will be the next Generation of SEO. 

To make your site mobile friendly and increase its search engine ranking in result pages, simply build in App. You can do this using Google App services or any other best app browser if you know. 

Remember that when the visitor will land on your site via mobile, smartphones or tablets, the font, color and text of your site should be mobile friendly. To confirm it, click here to attempt mobile-friendly test to check either your website is mobile friendly or not? 

Increase Social Presence of Your Site

Social media left all the other advertising sources very back like a pamphlet, billboards, door to door advertising campaigns and radio advertising etc. Social media is not only the effects but also the affordable and successful advertising platform. 

SEO Tips and Tricks 2019

To know that how much the social presence of your site in necessary, for its better SEO, read the following wondering states regarding social media. 

  • Facebook, a social networking site, is the 3rd most visited website of the world. Billions of people use Facebook on regular basis for different purpose. In social media, Facebook is at No. 01 with 1, 100, 000, 000 monthly unique visitors.
  • YouTube, a social video site, is the 2nd most visited website of the world after Google. It is under the ownership of Google. Billions of people use YouTube on regular basis for different purpose. It has 1, 000, 000, 000 monthly unique visitors.
  • Twitter, a social networking site, is the 9th most visited website of the world. Billions of people use Twitter on regular basis. Twitter has 310, 000, 000 monthly unique visitors.
  • LinkedIn, a social networking site, is the 19th most visited website of the world. It has the power of its 255, 000, 000 monthly unique visitors.
  • Pinterest, a social networking site, is the 13th most visited website of the world. It has the power of its 250, 000, 000 monthly unique visitors.
  • Tumbler, a social networking site, is the 14th most visited website of the world. It has the power of its 110, 000, 000 monthly unique visitors.

The basic objective to describe these stats is to highlight the importance and major role of social media to increase the social presence of your site and its ranking in SERPs including organic traffic. 

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How to Use Social Media to Increase SERP Rank?

There are different methods and strategies to use the social media for increase the rank of website in SERPs. As three social media sites are comes in top 10 websites of the world, therefore their proper use can bring the better organic traffic and increase visibility of site in search engine ranking. 

When I attempted my site search in Google Chrome by putting the web address in search browser, the following results occurred on 1st page. This image clearly shows that the social media presence of a website put huge impact on organic traffic and search engine ranking in SERPs. 


Create your account of Facebook, build a page relevant to your website and give the link of website there. Use the Facebook widget on your site page. Provide the “like and share” widget to visitor like and share your posting with their friends. 

You can also manage a Facebook group where you can add like-minded people. Build the list of Facebook page fans and group members. 

Start the discussion in group on different topics which are relevant to your niche. Regularly update your website Facebook page. Thus you will get the site traffic from twitter, which also will increase the visibility of site in SERPs.

How to Disconnect Third Party App from Your FB Account?


Create a Twitter account. All the leading blogger, actors, sportsmen and peers of any other industry use twitter to remain in-touch with their fans. So create a twitter account and give the link of website there. 

Install a twitter widget on your site so visitor can easily join you on twitter from your site page. First of all, give the attention on providing the quality material to your twitter friends. When you will do it, the number of twitter user will automatically increase. Thus you will get the website traffic from twitter, which also will increase the visibility of site in SERPs. 


LinkedIn is another best social networking site to increase the social presence of your site. Although in start, it is very difficult to understand its concept and way of effective using, but once you learnt, you can drive huge LinkedIn traffic to your site. 

There are different methods to use LinkedIn in effective way like sending personalized messages, complete the LinkedIn profile, build the LinkedIn network and create a group etc. 


Content you like, share it with your friends. Remember! Relationships are not where you find Happiness, It’s where you “Share” happiness.

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