Four Steps To Build A Successful SEO Strategy

SEO is become now a volatile industry as many changes takes place in Google Algorithm within a period. 

2018 is behind of us. 2019 is now going to be started. But SEO is a secret which is yet not revealed. 

Whatever webmaster describe the SEO strategies, are based upon thier observations and experiences. Search engine never revealed that how it ranks the site higher/at first page in SERPs. 

In last two articles, we discussed the six SEO strategies, which not only recommended by SEO experts but also very valuable to improve the search engine ranking of your site. I am not going into the detail of those strategies, as these are discussed in depth in previous articles.

In Effective SEO Strategies and Techniques Part-I, we learnt about: –

  • Use of Search Description in Blogger blog.
  • Importance and usage of Permalink Structure.
  • Use of Keywords in Blog Post Title.
  • Modifying the Anchor Text 
  • Optimisation of Images in Blog Post.
  • Writing Engaging Content.

Today we’ll discuss the Part-III of this SEO series, in which following three SEO strategies will be argued in detail. 

  • Optimize your Site for Rich Answers.
  • Improve User Engagement.
  • Using Local SEO Services 

Before going into depth of these SEO Strategies, let’s know the basic concept of SEO, so that you can easily understand these strategies. 

SEO is the method/process of using different techniques and strategies to increase the number of visitor to your site via search engine, by obtaining high 
rank in SERPs of search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.  

Optimize Your Site for Google’s Rich Answer Box

Optimizing your site for rich answers is the best SEO strategy now-a-days to place it at high ranking in SERPs. Search engine like Google shows the rich answers at the top position of result pages i.e. at serial No. 1 with a given link. 

Rich answers are the answers of queries asked by user. Sometimes search engine shows the results without any rich answer while some times, it provide information in from of rich answer. You can easily understand the concept of “rich answers” from following image. 

Rich Answers

You can see in image that when user asked a query from search engine “what is Search Engine Optimization”, Google provide the definition of “SEO” on first page at the top position. This form of response/result called rich answers. 

It is not necessary that rich answers are based upon on definitions; these are provided in many ways like images, knowledge boxes, table, maps, how to graphics and sometimes step by step guide.  In following image you can see that search engine is giving a step by step guide in rich answers. 

Optimize website for rich answers

When search engine shows rich answer in response of user’s query, it also gives a link at end of answer. This shows that rich answers are the best source to rank your website higher in search engine. 

In the above of “what is Search Engine Optimization”, you can observe that at the end of rich answer, this is a link given. If user needs more details on this topic, he’ll click on this link and will land on the main site from where this definition is indexed.  The next question is how to get the rich answer from your website. 

Strategy to Getting Rich Answers

How a site ranks higher or lower in search engine? 

What are the criteria and requirements? 

This was never revealed by search engine. It is a secret process which is not revealed yet. However webmasters and SEO experts reveal a lot of information for their users. Google itself doesn’t provide any information regarding rich answers, but webmaster and SEO experts revealed. 

Image a user asks a query from search engine, in response search engine shows your site in rich answers, your site will get huge traffic. There are some strategies which are useful and effective to get your site link in rich answers. 

  • Write the short and comprehensive introductory articles, for example “what is SEO, what back links are? What is site map? How to add video in blogger? How to use search description in blogger and what are Meta tags?
  • Identify the simple question and give their answers using keywords. 
  • Provide the direct answers.
  • Socialise the introductory articles of your site on Google+ page. 
  • Make it easy for search engine and user, by adding the keywords in title of post and content. 

These are some strategies to get your site high rank in search engine through rich answers. 

Improve User Engagement

This is the 2nd SEO strategy of Part-III SEO tactics and strategies 2019. Apart from SEO benefit, user engagement has many other valuable benefits for any website or blog like increase average time on site, decrease the bounce rate and pogo sticking etc. But in this article, we’ll discuss the user engagement as an SEO strategy that how to get the rank of site higher in search engine. 

How to Improve User Engagement

User engagement means the time of visitor which he spends on your site. It has a lot of influence on your site ranking and its visibility. To make it user friendly, make your site design SEO friendly, publish the useful and effective content in easy and simple language and increase the social presence of your site. 

If a visitor enjoys your site, definitely he will spend more time on your site, increase the navigation, visit more pages and contribute its role to reduce the bounce rate of site. 

All these entire factors collectively make your site that Google wants to rank higher in search results. If a website is giving a good outlook, background color, search box for quick navigation and many other user friendly tools including useful and effective content, then why not visitor will increase its spending time on this site? Thus you can bet the Google.  

Actionable Ideas to Increase Website User Engagement

To improve your site visibility in search engine by increasing the user engagement on your site, then following points can help you better. These points are summarized from the leading websites of this niche. So follow these strategies to improve your site engagement. 

SEO Friendly Design 

User Friendly Web Design

When visitor land on your site, the first impression which click to his mind, is the layout/theme/design of your site. If your site is cluttered with add, having un-match colors of page and content, bombardment of images and video, then why a visitor will land on your site. So make your blog design SEO friendly. 

Useful and Valuable Content

Content is the primary factor of any blog or website, which increase or decrease the site ranking and improve or less the user engagement. If you have useful, valuable, constructive, worthy and evergreen content on your site, there are more chances to improve user engagement. For this purpose, write a series of article on “how-to” and “what is” etc. 


This is the best way to increase the time of visitor on your site. Increase the number of interlinking of your web pages. Internal linking not only boosts up the user improvement but also it makes easier for user and search engine to navigate the site. You can read a detailed post on “Internal Linking Strategies” for webmasters to improve their site ranking in search engine. 

Local SEO: Successful & Effective SEO Strategy

Local SEO means “increase the online and offline visibility of your business in local community”. 

Local SEO is become a powerful SEO strategy in last few years. It has become more important because when search engine shows the returning results with regard of services, it provides information about those services which are available at your nearest location.

The following search engine results are clearly showing the importance of Local SEO. Here I only typed the word “University” and search engine provided the map and information about the universities which are located in my nearest area. 

So this is how the SEO at locality is more useful and effective to improve the site visibility and obtain organic traffic. Check out the following statistics that how much it is useful to optimize your site for the local community. 

  • More than 50% of mobile users, attempt local searches in their relevant niche. 
  • More than 60% marketers prefer to use the local information to show in their ads. This is because ads in local language and information can bring better results. 


The Only Way to Increase Local SEO of your Website

Local SEO

There is very simple and easy procedure to show your business or website in search engine, and increase its visibility in local community. 

Build your Google+ business profile. When you will build your Google+ business profile, it takes at least a month. You receive a code at your office or home address within 15 days. Enter this code in business profile. Your website will be started to show in search engine, for your local community and also at global level. 

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