Does PayPal have a limit on receiving money?

Does PayPal have a limit on receiving money?

From last few years, we were facing many issues relating the money transaction from abroad to India.  Mostly freelancers and webmaster were satisfied with the PayPal, but one major issue was there. PayPal limit on receiving money was only $500 through a single transaction, which is obviously very less amount. You were not permitted to send or receive money more than $500 in a single transaction process. 

This was the reason that most of the Indian freelancers started to adopt the alternative options of PayPal, where they can send or receive almost $2500 through a single transaction. 

2nd issue was you were not able to use your PayPal for buying or shopping from International online shopping stores or available in India. Due to such issues, Indian bloggers and freelancers have no options except to find an alternative to PayPal. 

Now, a good news for whole Indian region that PayPal increased limits of receiving and sending the money. 

PayPal increased limits of a transaction from $500 to $3000 through a single transaction. Previously only $500 was allowed to receive or send via PayPal, but now PayPal increased this amount up to $3000 through a single transaction. 

It is good news for all Indian that now you can increase PayPal transfer limit of your personal account up to $3000. 

PayPal also increased the amount of buying and shopping using your Pan card Number. 

Earlier you were able only to buy or shop of just $500. But now you can Shopify of $3000. So such revolutionary step solved almost 90% issues of Indian webmaster and bloggers regarding limits of sending and receiving money. 

So if you are thinking to adopt an alternative of PayPal, come back and reactivate your PayPal account. To verify your account, link it to your bank account. If you have no PayPal account, here sign-up to create your PayPal in free. Now maximum amount you can through PayPal is $3000.

If you know more about changes in PayPal or any suggestion which you want to give the PayPal, send us in comments.


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