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Australia is one of the most popular destinations for international students due to its high-ranking universities and strong economy.

Australian institutions offer a range of industry experiences to ensure that business students graduate ready for employment.

Students can choose from a broad spectrum of business studies across numerous universities and colleges, many of which are among the best in the world. Whether you are an undergraduate student taking your first steps into higher education or a professional looking for skills to advance your career, different options are available across Australian universities.

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Hey guys, I’m Issy. This is my share house. Come on in. These are my friends. Yeah, this is where all the magic happens. This is Steph, Brad,Max, and Caroline. We’re just gonna have a bit of a chat to you about life at uni and what it’s like for us living at ANU.

(Steph) What you been up to today? (Issy) Not too much. I just have a film crew at my house. [laughter] So, we all met back in first year at college. Carol was the first person I met ever at college. We sat down next to each other. (Caroline) I think in first year,you know, there’s heaps of event all the time, and you’re like, “Yeah, I have to go to that.

I have to do this.” All the time. But then in second year you’ve got more developed friendships and you can be a bit more choosy about what you go to. So that’s different in a way. And then when you get to third year, you’re big dogs.

[all laugh] You’ve got really close friendship groups, and it’s more about doing the things for the last time. (Max) There’s a lot of social is inland activities and stuff, as well as the partying. (Issy) There are heaps of really cool cafes around Canberra. I think Canberra’s so good for restaurants. (Max) Now that we’ve moved out we eat out a lot. (Caroline) Issy’s actually got a cheesecake in the fridge. [Issy laughs] (Issy) Bring it out.

Business study in Australia university

I got cheesecake! (Steph) Oh yeah. (Issy) So I came to ANU because they had such a good exchange program. The degree was perfectly fit for me. I wasn’t sure when I started whether I would like marketing or whether I would like psychology.

They were subjects that I’ whenever been able to take before. It turns out that I like,love, both of them. And it’s really suited to me. ♪ [upbeat music] I went on exchange to Copenhagen. And when I was there,I was given a buddy. And it was so good to have that person there for me. So when I got back home, I just got in contact with the exchange office, and here we called it the mentor-mentee programs.

What happens is, you get paired. I’ve been in contact with my buddies for about two weeks now. I’ve got two from the Netherlands. One’s from Copenhagen. And then the third done’s from France.

Economics study in Australia university

We also caught up and we did a campus tour and showed them where they’d probably have class, and good places to eat. And we’re going to do like a Australian feast type-thing. So they can try Tim-Tams and Anzac biscuits, all the necessary Australian foods. Minties. Yeah, I think that’s kind of the good thing about it is that you really can invest as much time as you want. So far it’s been going really well.

The best thing about ANU though, is that there is 101 societies and clubs that you can get involved in, from everything from chocolate eating to sailing. It’s called ANU Sailing Club. They’re such a good way to meet people, I think, and you feel so good and active.

And there’s nothing better than getting out on the water. So there’s twilight races, and you go out during sunset. and it’s so beautiful, on the water. And they do just really chilled-out races, and just have a bit of a splash about and have some fun. I think I’ve been so lucky, the friends that I have, they’re so supportive.

And any time that I’m down they’re always right there. They’re also really fun for just general life. Going out and making small things, yeah, I’ve been so lucky with the people that I’ve met here. Everyone says that the people that you meet at uni last a lifetime. And I’m sure that my friends will.

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