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There are dozens of video websites on the internet including YouTube, Daily Motion, and Vimeo etc. Generally, we use the above-mentioned video sites to find and watch our favorite videos. Simply by placing required keywords in the search bar, we get video on the screen. 

What is Vidinterest Video Aggregator?

Vidinterest is a new video platform from the Pinterest. There are millions of videos available and are increasing in thousands on each coming day. It is very simple to use this social video aggregator. 

Simply create your account on Vidinterest and watch your favorite videos. You can create your own playlist where you can add videos by tapping from YouTube, Daily Motion and Vimeo and so on. 

How Vidinterest Works?

The working on Vidinterest is very easy and simple. Create your Vidinterest account free and create a playlist. After the creation of a playlist, now open your favorite videos on YouTube, Daily Motion or Vimeo, copy the URL and paste it into the Vidinterest playlist. 

The playlist is also your personal video album where all your videos are available. You can access to your album at any time by signing in the account. 

Vidinterest Video aggregation is the best video aggregation system. It not only allows you to create your own playlist but you can also follow other playlists. 

To add videos from video aggregator sites like YouTube and Daily motion, into your playlist, simply open the required video in YouTube / Vimeo / daily motion, copy video link and paste it into your Vidinterest playlist. 

As videos are pulled out from YouTube and other video aggregators, that’s why graphics and sound qualities of videos remain constant. 

Once playlist created, you can give it bookmark to get one-click access. Get access to videos at any time and watch. You can also share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, etc.

Vidinterest Video Aggregator Advance Features

Vidinterest allows you to create multiple playlists at a time. Furthermore, you can also follow unlimited video playlists of others. If you desire that your videos can only visible to your fans, or to the public, you can set your preferences from the settings section. 

Some more advanced features of Vidinterest video aggregator are: –

    • Share your video on all social websites like Facebook, and Google+ etc.
    • Free sign-in.
    • Create multiple video playlists.
    • Export videos from YouTube, Daily Motion, and Vimeo, simply by copy link and paste into your playlist.
    • You can “like, share or comments” on video.
    • Follow others playlist.
    • Video of another playlist, if you like, you can also add that video to your playlist also. 

Are you aware of other features of Vidinterest? Hit us in the comments section below.  

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