5 Proven SEO Tips to Reduce Your Bounce

we discussed 6 Habits of Successful Bloggers

From day first of our blogging journey, we always write about different ways to increase the traffic and visitors to your site and we discussed 6 Habits of Successful Bloggers and earn a handsome revenue for the enjoyment of your life. 

But today we are going to talk about another factor of website/blog which is called “Bounce Rate”. 

Have you ever been heard about bounce rate? 

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Introduction of Bounce Rate?

The bounce rate of any site is an analytical tool to measure about the number of visitors who visit your site or blog and leave your site/blog from the first page/landing page without going to the further pages of your site or without reading the further post of your blog. They visit your blog, read first page or post and then leave your site without reading more posts or visiting more pages. 

Bounce Rate is the number of visits by a visitor on your any blog post and then leaves your blog/site from the same post without reading further posts. 

If your bounce rate is high then it is not better for your blog. Less bounce rate means visitors stay longer on your blog and read different posts and visits more pages on your site. So less bounce rate is better for your site. 

In this article, we will share with you the 5 proven SEO techniques to reduce the bounce rate of your site. These 5 ways are step by step guiding you that how visitors observe your blog and why he leaves? 

4 Initial Steps towards a Successful SEO Strategy

1. Loading Time of Blog

When any visitor opens your blog, the first impression is about the loading time of your site. 

It is remembered that there are millions of articles and thousands of blog and websites are available on the internet on each and every topic so we have to compete with them. If your blog/site is taking so much time to open, it creates a bad impression on visitor and he leaves your blog without visiting more pages or posts of your blog and he will be open another website. 

So to decrease the loading time of your blog, choose a web hosting service that has unlimited bandwidth and very less downtime. As fast as your website opens it will better for you. I will prefer you Bluehost as the best web host service with less downtime and also affordable for every new blogger.

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2. SEO Friendly Blog Design

Design of blog also matter to reduce the bounce rate as a beautiful and good-looking design is a source to attract the visitors while a boring design is a source to send back the visitors from your blog. 

Choose an appealing and eye-catching design because the design is the 2nd impression which visitors observe. 

Never make your site clutter because it confuses the readers. Place recent articles and popular articles on the home page of your blog in the sidebar. There are a lot of sites on the internet which are providing an attractive and appealing design for your blog free. 

So choose a good-looking and engaging design for your blog. It will decrease your bounce rate and increase the time of visitors to stay on your site. 

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3. Make Content Easy-to-Read

If you start blogging and wants to engage your reader, then make the content easy to read. 

Use normal space between words and between the paragraphs. Neither makes the words so condensed that reader will feel difficult to read nor so expand that this generates a bad effect for visitors. 

Similarly, don’t write your whole post in just one paragraph. If you have written your whole post in one paragraph, from start to end there is neither new paragraph nor any subheading, then the reader will leave your blog without further navigating because he would be confused that from where I start reading or at which point there is my desired sentence is available. Readers may have no time to spend on reading your content word by word and line by line. 

Divide your post into different paragraphs and use “paragraph space” between ending a paragraph and when you start a new paragraph. If you start a new paragraph with a new subheading then it is much better. These “make content easy to read” tips will help you to reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

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4. Internal Linking

Internal Link Building Strategies for Bloggers are most profitable, popular, effective and successful strategies which are followed by every professional blogger to reduce the bounce rate because it engages readers to stay at your for a long time. 

Internal link building is used to tell the readers about the related post on the same topics available at the same site. So when readers land on a site and read the site, then between the content, there is a link given which has the related content to this post. 

Internal link building plays a vital role to boost up the traffic and helps the search engines to crawl more posts from your blog and reduce the bounce rate of blogger. 

It is a common sense that when you are reading a post “Free SEO Tutorial for Beginners”, now if there is an internal link given about “How to Insert Table in WordPress Blog Post” then you must click to read the article given in internal link because it is related to the topic that you are reading. So you will take interest to read the internal linking article also. Such a bounce rate will be decreased. 

5. Search Box

The search box is a source by which visitors search their desired article from your site. 

I observed many professional bloggers like Harsh Agrawal blogger “Shout me loud” on which there are hundreds of article of different categories, so when a reader visit such blogs, how he will search his relevant article. Would he check each article beginning to end step by step? Never! He will leave the site and open another blog. 

If there is a search box facility available at the homepage/landing page of your blog, the reader will use the search box to search the relevant article. 


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