5 Famous divorced Pakistani actors

The Pakistani showbiz industry has given birth to many successful and excellent actors, but there are some actors who have failed to impress the audience even after many years and hard work. Their acting looks completely fake on the TV screen while there are some actors and actresses who became part of the industry and were overwhelmed.

Today we are going to tell you about 5 famous actors of Pakistan who do not know acting at all.

Armina Rana Khan

Armina Rana is a well known name in the Pakistani drama and film industry. Armina has acted in popular Pakistani films including Bin Roye and Janan. Armina performed brilliantly in the drama Mohabbat Ab Nahin Hogi because the role was very simple and straightforward but recently the actress has appeared in another drama called Mohabbatein Chahtan. Armina’s fans are very disappointed with her because she is not able to understand her negative role properly. His facial expressions are very vague which is confusing the audience.

Sanam Jang

Sanam Jang is fine as far as hosting is concerned but she may have forgotten the acting. Sanam’s drama Dil Muztar was a huge hit, it was worth watching Sanam’s performance in it but since she has stepped back in the drama industry since the break of her daughter’s birth, it has been to impress the audience. Trying but sorry! They are not succeeding. Sanam’s drama failed miserably. There was no story line in this drama while the fans also criticized her severely. However, a new drama of Sanam Jang has recently started, but her performance in it has not been very impressive.

Emad Irfani

The performance of model and actor Emad Irfani, who played the lead role in the jealous drama, is also not impressive. Fans are criticizing that their facial expressions remain the same whether they are angry or remorseful, laughing or crying, their expressions are the same, which the audience does not like at all. Emad can play a role that shows a straightforward or well-educated boy, but he is still unable to play a challenging role.

Areeba Habib

Areeba Habib has been in the industry for some time now. While his role in the drama Jalan was liked, his acting was also criticized. Due to the cosmetic surgery, his facial expressions are not clear, which makes the fans look very disappointed with his performance.

Adeel Chaudhry

Adeel Chowdhury plays a supporting role but nowadays he is rarely seen in dramas. Adeel Chowdhury’s acting is also not very impressive. Fans are still waiting to see his brilliant performances.

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