5 Easiest Ways to Take a Screenshot

When we take a snapshot using a snap tool, it only captures whatever visible on the screen. But when you are required to take the image of the entire web page, you will search for some other tools. 

Screenshots are used for different purposes i.e. presentation, education, and support, etc. In the instant article, we’ll learn about 5 easiest ways to capture the entire web page. There are some tools while few are the techniques.

Use Snapito

Snapito is a great tool to take the snapshot of the whole web page. It is very simple and easy to use.


Open official website of Snapito. Enter the URL in the box (URL of the web page that you want to capture) and click on “Snap” button. You’ll get the result on your screen in a couple of seconds. 

Here is the image of the entire web page of my website, taken with the help of Snapito. 


Chrome Shortcut 

There are numerous built-tools in Google chrome but all those are hidden. One of them is the screenshot capture tool. 


Enter the following command to take the image of your entire web page. 

Step 01: Ctrl + Shift + I

Chrome developer will appear on your screen. Next: –

Step 02: Ctrl + Shift + P

Type “screenshot” and click “capture full-size screenshot”. 

Chrome Extension “Full Page Screenshot”

Click here to add chrome extension Full Page Screenshot on your browser. Click on the “Add to Chrome” button, as illustrated following. 

Open the required web page, click on the instant extension, then hit to “capture entire page” and click on “Save” button to save the image.

Chrome Extension “Full Page Screen Capture”

Click here to add Full Page Screen Capture extension to your browser. Click on “Add to Chrome” button. 

Open the page to which you want to capture. Click on the instant extension button and it will capture the entire web page. An image will open in new tab and save it.  

Use Screenshot.guru

Screenshot.guru is the best website to take the snapshot of the complete web page. 


Open Screenshot.guru, enter the required URL in the box, prove that you are not a robot, and click on screen capture button. When I tried this method, I got the following results.

Apart from these tools, there are paparazzi and Get fire shot, however, Get fire shot is the paid tool. You can enjoy its one-month free trial. 

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