25 Questions from PPC Expert

Generally, it is a common practice that while hiring an expert to promote our business, first we prepare questions for him and before hiring, we ask those questions from that expert. 

Whenever you hire Pay Per Click (PPC) expert or hire facebook marketing expert, don’t forget to ask following 25 questions from him. 

It is like an interview, where you’ll ask and get Google Ad Words questions and answers. If you satisfied from that PPC Expert, then hire him otherwise never avail his services.

These are 25 questions from different categories: –
    • Google Ad words Questions.
    • Google Display Network.
    • Bing Search Engine.
    • Amazon.
    • Re-marketing questions.
    • Facebook.
    • Copy writing.

1. What is Click-through Rate (CTR)?

It is the percentage of People who click on your add after seeing it. 

2. How CTR Calculated?

Dividing numbers of clicks by numbers of impressions is equal to Click-through rate. 

3. Tell the name of Third-party tools you do use for Keywords research?

Although there are plenty of tools, the expert must be fully aware of the following Keywords tools: –

    • Google Keywords Planner.
    • Ah ref.
    • SEMrush.
    • Bing Keywords Research Tool.
    • Moz 
    • SpyFu.
4. What is OSI (On-Schedule Indicator)?
It is a ration that campaign will deliver all impressions.
5. How Does Ad Rank affect CPC (cost per click)?
There are two locations in the search engine to show the ads, first on the top of searches and 2nd to below of search results. Ads appearing on top of search results have higher CPC (the actual amount you’re charged per click) as compared to ads appear in below of search results. 
6. Explain Google Auction Work Process?
When a user enters a query in the search engine, Ad Word places all the ads which have matching keywords with user’s query. The ads which will dissimilar from the query will be ignored and remaining ad will appear with higher CPC. 


7. What is Display Advertising?
Advertising on Website, social media and apps through a banner, flash, text, video, image or in any other format called Display Advertising. 
8. What is Search Advertising?
Search Advertising is an online advertising where advertiser places ads on a web page and ad shows in search engine results in the response of user relevant query. 


9. Why Search and Display Network recommended separately?
Different campaign settings bring effective results on the different network.
10. How many types of Re-marketing there?
There are major 4 kinds of re-marketing: –
    • Social Media re-marketing.
    • Email Re-marketing.
    • Search Re-marketing.
    • Site Re-marketing.
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11. What is your Recommendation about Amazon Bid+ for bidding?

Amazon Bid+ permits Amazon to raise bids up to 50%. However, Amazon Bid+ isn’t good if you’re already managing ads.

12. Tell me two major benefits of Remarketing?

If PPC expert has the knowledge and well familiar with Marketing techniques, he’ll outline all benefits, including the following two major benefits: 

    • Large-scale reach.
    • Targetted users having buying intent.

13. How many types of “match” Amazon offers for sponsored product campaign?

Amazon offers 3 match types for the sponsored campaign: –

    • Exact match.
    • Phrase match.
    • Broad match.
14. How Amazon Ads are displayed? 

Amazon Ads are placed on top of the search, bottom, middle and right as well as on the product detail page. 

15. How do you Improve Your Amazon Ad placement?Like Facebook PPC Campaign, search relevance, keywords and bids affect the ad placement.

16. On Amazon Sponsored Campaign, how can I increase the number of campaign impression?

You can get more campaign impressions by increasing numbers of products in your ad campaign, number of Keywords and your budget.

17. What are the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure success?

CPC (Cost Per Click), CTR (Click-through Rate), ROI (Return on Investment) and eCPM (effective cost per acquisition). 

18. Which Audience I should Target?

It depends on your niche, content, and material available on your site. There are general visitors, specific product visitor, visitors landing on your site only for reading intent.

19. Should I Create a Website re-marketing list?

Yes if you are an expert in your field. If you’re a beginner then use the auto-created list by AdWords.

20. Does Re-marketing Work with Search Ads on Bing?

Yes. Re-marketing works with Search ads on Bing.

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21. Does Re-marketing Works with Content Ads on Bing?


22. What is UET and what it does?

UET (Universal Event Tracking) is a tool that records what your customer do on your site. When you create one UET and place it on your web page, Bing ads will compile data from your site which helps you to track targeted audience with re-marketing list and conversion goal. 

23. What are the reasons that on my Facebook ad, the numbers of impressions are not increasing?

Following are the main reasons: –

    • Too low budget.
    • same IP using to see your ads again and again.
    • The targeted audience is overlapping.
However, your PPC expert should be able to dig out real reasons and find a solution to this issue. 

24. What Types of Budgets are on Facebook?

Daily Budget and Lifetime Budget.

25. What are important points you consider while writing an ad?

A good PPC expert must be fully aware of those factors which leads your sale to the high number and provide the better potential customer. Key role playing factors are attention-grabbing headlines, call to action buttons, visuals and optimized images.

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